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Why You Must Teach Your Kids about the Culture of Life before High School

Aug 21, 2017

A few minutes on a major television network is enough to convince any parent that the world is a dangerous place for young people. With the current laws in our country, parents must be constantly vigilant if they want to protect the innocence of their young children from the snares of the culture of death. … read more

Pro-Life throughout the School Year: September

Aug 17, 2017
Pro-Life throughout the School Year: September

You have decided that this year you would like to focus on pro-life education, but where do you start? Use September to set the pro-life tone for the year. Take this month to make sure your students remember terms like “pro-life” and “culture of life.” Brush up your high school students’ memory of specific pro-life … read more

‘Doc McStuffins’ and the Culture of Death

Aug 14, 2017

It comes as no surprise that the culture of death continues to target children with immoral propaganda. A recent episode of Doc McStuffins—an animated Disney show aimed at preschoolers—recently featured in its storyline two lesbian moms and two children portrayed as a family. In the show, the women demonstrate safety procedures during an emergency and … read more

St. Maximilian Kolbe: A Pro-Life Saint for Our Times

Aug 10, 2017

Where does the world need Jesus and Mary most? This is the question St. Maximilian Kolbe answered with his worldwide evangelization efforts and use of the media, and eventually with his imprisonment in an Auschwitz concentration camp. Like pro-lifers today, St. Maximilian Kolbe fought the culture of death in the government. With his brother friars … read more

Five Essential Lessons from JPII

Aug 7, 2017
"Give us the grace to stand up and proclaim that no one ever has the authority to destroy unborn life."—Pope Saint John Paul II

In this century, there has been no stronger voice for the dignity of the human person than that of Saint John Paul II. As pope, Saint John Paul II understood his role in proclaiming the gospel to the whole world and in teaching us to do the same. Here are five things we can learn … read more

How to Start This School Year Embracing the Culture of Life

Aug 4, 2017
How to Start This School Year Embracing the Culture of Life

Right now, get 25% off your CLSP order using the code SCHOOL2017. Hurry, offer ends August 15. A culture of life requires respect for the dignity of the human person in everyday life. At school or in the home, there are a myriad of ways to build a culture of life to rejuvenate your own … read more

Answering Your Teen’s Questions about Charlie Gard

Aug 2, 2017
Answering Your Teen’s Questions about Charlie Gard

With the passing of Charlie Gard last Friday, there are still many unanswered moral questions about his life and death. Your teens may be wondering: Is it ever okay to unplug someone’s ventilator? Wasn’t Charlie already “brain-dead” anyway when he went to hospice? Charlie’s case provides a sad opportunity to share with teens the fact … read more

What St. Anne Teaches Us about Faith

Jul 27, 2017
What St. Anne Teaches Us about Faith

Think about the purity, holiness, and magnificence of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was the only human being ever to be sinless and constantly in a state of grace. Because Mary was such a beautiful symbol of grace, her mother, St. Anne, must have also been a devout woman of God. Though Anne’s name is … read more