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3 Ways to Spread the Culture of Life in Your Neighborhood

Jun 26, 2017

Teaching your kids about the sanctity of every human being’s life is fun and rewarding. Going to pro-life conferences and the annual March for Life is even more exciting. Saint John Paul II calls for each of us to do our part to spread the culture of life in the world. Starting in your own community … read more

Conference Schedule

Jun 20, 2017

IHM National June 23rd-24th Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center 2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22401   IHM Chicago July 6th-7th Bobak’s Signature Events and Conference Center 6440 Double Eagle Drive, Woodridge, IL 60517   Catholic Marketing Network Tradeshow July 18th-21st Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center 1551 Thoreau Dr. N, Schaumburg, IL 60173 … read more

The Secret to Celebrating God’s Gift of Life: Lizzie Velàsquez’s Story

Jun 19, 2017
The Secret to Celebrating God’s Gift of Life: Lizzie Velàsquez’s Story

How would you feel if other people labelled you as the ugliest person in the world? Too often, we judge other people by their physical appearance—the gawky teenager, the elderly man in a wheelchair, or the baby born with physical deformities—and don’t really see their life as a gift. Lizzie Velàsquez is a Mexican-American young … read more

Pro-Life Lessons from Mother Teresa

Jun 15, 2017
Pro-Life Lessons from Mother Teresa

Now your can teach your kids about St. Teresa of Calcutta with our K-2 lesson Do Small Things with Great Love or our 5th-6th grade lesson Serving the Poorest of the Poor digital downloads. Find both lessons at Saint Teresa of Calcutta, or Mother Teresa as she is affectionately known, opened people’s eyes to the needs of the … read more

Margaret Sanger: Where Is She Now?

Jun 12, 2017
Life Scope Multimedia

Margaret Sanger is known today as an outspoken eugenicist, a feminist rabble rouser, an advocate of birth control, and founder America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Though Sanger has been dead for decades, her words and ideas continue to affect society. Margaret Sanger died in 1966, but she left a lasting impact on American ideas … read more

“Mommy, what is abortion?”: Talking to Your First Grader about Abortion

Jun 8, 2017
Reclaiming Our Culture

You’re a pro-life family. You teach your kids about the sanctity of every human being from an early age and help them explore the beauty of God’s creation at the earliest moments of life. You treasure the “wow” moments that your child experiences while learning about the culture of life. You know that teaching your … read more

Pro-Life at the Movies

Jun 5, 2017
Pro-life at the movies

Our world is filled with media that attacks the family and dignity of the human person. So how do you find films promoting a culture of life?

Raising Pro-Life Kids

Jun 1, 2017
Raising Pro-Life kids

You’re a strong pro-life family. Together, you attend the March for Life, participate in Respect Life Sunday, and pray for an end to abortion. You might not talk about pro-life topics very much around the house, but you’re sure that your kids “get it.” Your kids might seem to be very pro-life now, but how … read more