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Using Life Is Precious with Your Children

Mar 30, 2017

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Our Life Is Precious unit study in the Culture of Life Studies Program lets young learners explore the beautiful world of the preborn child through age-appropriate activities and picture books that express the dignity of the human person and the need to respect even the “smallest” of society.

Learning by doing

Young children learn through exploration and discovery. The world is so big and new to them; they must be trained from a young age to seek after good and beautiful things. That’s why we’ve made Life Is Precious a hands-on activity book filled with crafts and coloring pages. Children need to see the real size of preborn babies in the womb and realize that every person has dignity.

The craft projects in Life Is Precious reinforce key concepts learned in the teacher guide. As parents, you are the primary educators of your children. Even if you don’t homeschool your children, every day you have the opportunity to teach them valuable lessons. Parents lead by example. Even story time can be a time when children learn valuable lessons about life and about respect for human beings.

Pro-life fun!

Our coloring pages in Life Is Precious were specially commissioned and drawn by an artist and were reviewed by a leading embryologist to ensure that the sizes of the preborn babies are scientifically accurate.

For Life Is Precious, we chose picture books that best taught respect for every human being. There are certainly more books out there that demonstrate the sacredness of every human being! Use the activities and discussions in Life Is Precious to inspire you to create a culture of life in your family.

The Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book shows young learners the gift of life through puzzles, games, mazes, and coloring pages that portray family life, adoption, disabilities, and respect for the dignity of the human person. Get your copy here. Now 50% until Easter!

Laura Kizior is a content developer for American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program, which stresses the culture of life as an integral part of every academic discipline. CLSP is dedicated to helping students become effective communicators of the pro-life message.Sign up for our e-mail newsletter to see how we can help you foster a culture of life at home and in school.

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