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Elementary and Middle School Supplements

Supporting a culture of life through education in grades K-8 |

Beginning their studies in Life Primer, students learn how God creates each human being to be unique, valuable, and deserving of respect regardless of age, race, size, background, or ability. In middle school, students continue their studies of the basic principles of the gospel of life in the series Life Foundations by examining age-appropriate pro-life topics in literature, history, science, and religion.


Life Primer

Kindergarten through 3rd grade

Students as young as kindergarten age learn about the beauty of preborn life through crafts and activities in Life Primer. Supplements are crafted to provide teachers with the tools they need to help young learners discover God’s creation of each human being. Topics covered in Life Primer inform students, yet preserve the innocence of the audience. Life Primer:

  • Guides teachers in their instruction of young learners on the beauty and dignity of each human being through unit studies on diverse topics such as preborn life, adoption, and disabilities
  • Uses traditionally published picture books and early readers to explore age-appropriate culture of life themes
  • Reinforces complex ideas with Bible activities, age-appropriate discussion questions, crafts, drama, games, and cooking
  • Contains student handouts in the appendices so no student text is needed

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Miracle of Life Activity BooksMiracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book

Designed as a fun way to learn about the culture of life, our Miracle of Life puzzle and coloring books are packed with puzzles and information to help children ages three to six and seven to nine understand the beauty and sacredness of preborn life and the necessity to defend it.



Life Foundations

4th grade through 8th grade

Life Foundations, our second series for grade school students, continues the discovery of pro-life topics in middle school and junior high school, providing students with an intellectual basis to explore the culture of life in literature, science, religion, and history. Because this series spans such a diverse age range, each supplement addresses age-appropriate topics. Life Foundations:

  • Allows middle school students to grapple with tough and complex issues, preparing them for high school while still protecting their innocence
  • Arms students with the vocabulary and knowledge to discuss the logic behind their pro-life beliefs
  • Explores more complex issues than Life Primer, such as family life, marriage, abortion, euthanasia, and social justice in age-appropriate activities