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Jan 15, 2016


News and Updates

 CLSP on At Home with Jim and Joy Replay

Thank you to all who called in or participated in the show via e-mail and Twitter!

If you missed the show, catch a replay on EWTN’s YouTube Channel:

At Home with Jim and Joy 2015-01-04


A School Edition of Life Is Precious Coming This February

Early next month, we will release our highly anticipated Life Is Precious School Edition which teaches the beauty of a preborn baby’s development, being unique, and standing up for others. Our newly expanded guide for teachers breaks down crafts and other activities to make it easier for teachers to use Life Is Precious with a larger classroom. This supplement will be available to order in early February from

New releases coming Spring 2016!
  • In February, we will also release our next Life Lens supplement for high schoolDream of the Roodwhich demonstrates the importance of the cross of Christ for the pro-life movement. This early medieval poem recounts the passion of Christ as told through the perspective of the cross itself (the Rood). Students not only explore the meaning of suffering and the redemptive power of the cross, but also take a look at what it means to be a hero, both in the Medieval period and in today’s society.
  • In March, we will release Defend Life, a supplement for middle/junior high school from our Life Foundations series which focuses on continuing to build the foundation of the culture of life started in Life Is Precious. This new unit study begins to introduce the need to defend life and teaches key principles through the stories of the lives of saints, more intensive Bible reading activities, and a guided look at Church documents such as the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • We are very excited to plan for the release of Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?a three-lesson video series for high school students exposing the agenda of the founder of Planned Parenthood and how her racist and eugenic principles are still affecting society. Visit our table at the March for Life Expo for a sneak preview of our first Life Scope supplement for high school!

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