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Feb 6, 2016

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News and Updates February

Life Is Precious School Edition releasing this February

American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program is pleased to announce that a school edition of Life Is Precious will be released later this month! Newsletter subscribers will be the first to order.

Life Is Precious School Edition makes learning about God’s plan for the human family more conducive to a classroom setting. Teachers will benefit from the new classroom activities in this edition, while parents can still enjoy learning about fetal development and family life with their children using the homeschool edition.

We want to do our utmost to protect the innocence of our audience, yet still make Life Is Precious accessible to teachers in a diverse classroom setting.

The Life Is Precious School Edition package will include a copy of ALL’s Baby Steps DVD, as well as a 12-week fetal model to show students the beauty of the preborn baby’s life. Each copy includes a CD-ROM with all of the handouts, coloring pages, and take-home sheets needed to complete this unit study. Schools and teachers need only purchase one copy of the Life Is Precious School Edition for each classroom.


Are you a homeschool parent or educator? The Culture of Life Studies Program might be coming to your area! Check out our conference schedule for conference dates and locations.

Endorsements for the Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book!

Parents and teachers really love our Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book! Here’s what they are saying:

The Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book is a great way to inspire children with something that touches their hearts deeply—the wonder of little babies and their mothers and fathers! The fun pictures inspire the imagination, and the captions will spark a conversation about the uniqueness of each human person in God’s plan for the salvation of the world. Through these simple pages you can make a profound impact in the souls of the children whom God has given you to care for and nurture.”

Ken Davison, founder of Holy Heroes


“American Life League’s Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book is a wonderful way to instill a strong and consistent pro-life message into the children of this generation. The life-affirming topics tackled in this book are simple enough for a child to understand, yet profound in their impact! Being pro-life starts at home, and what better way to teach our children the value of life than to sit down and color with them.”

Abby Johnson, mother of five, and founder of And Then There Were None


The Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book is the perfect tool to help teach even our youngest children about the precious gift of all human [beings]. Filled with creative puzzles, coloring activities, and interactive themes, this fun hands-on approach covers all spectrums of the pro-life message, and offers saintly wisdom from St. John Paul II, Blessed Mother Teresa, and other champions for life. Fun, faith-filled and a great gift for any family!”

Lisa M. Hendey, founder of and author of The Grace of Yes

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