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‘Doc McStuffins’ and the Culture of Death

Aug 14, 2017

It comes as no surprise that the culture of death continues to target children with immoral propaganda. A recent episode of Doc McStuffins—an animated Disney show aimed at preschoolers—recently featured in its storyline two lesbian moms and two children portrayed as a family. In the show, the women demonstrate safety procedures during an emergency and … read more

St. Maximilian Kolbe: A Pro-Life Saint for Our Times

Aug 10, 2017

Where does the world need Jesus and Mary most? This is the question St. Maximilian Kolbe answered with his worldwide evangelization efforts and use of the media, and eventually with his imprisonment in an Auschwitz concentration camp. Like pro-lifers today, St. Maximilian Kolbe fought the culture of death in the government. With his brother friars … read more

Saving Charlie Gard

Jul 5, 2017

Please sign and share this petition to save Charlie Gard, an 11-month-old baby with a genetic condition who has been sentenced to die at a London hospital.   It is hard for any parent to watch his child suffer, but no parent would sentence his child to death before God calls him home. Such is … read more

The Secret to Celebrating God’s Gift of Life: Lizzie Velàsquez’s Story

Jun 19, 2017
The Secret to Celebrating God’s Gift of Life: Lizzie Velàsquez’s Story

How would you feel if other people labelled you as the ugliest person in the world? Too often, we judge other people by their physical appearance—the gawky teenager, the elderly man in a wheelchair, or the baby born with physical deformities—and don’t really see their life as a gift. Lizzie Velàsquez is a Mexican-American young … read more

Margaret Sanger: Where Is She Now?

Jun 12, 2017
Life Scope Multimedia

Margaret Sanger is known today as an outspoken eugenicist, a feminist rabble rouser, an advocate of birth control, and founder America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. Though Sanger has been dead for decades, her words and ideas continue to affect society. Margaret Sanger died in 1966, but she left a lasting impact on American ideas … read more

Be a Pro-Life American Patriot

May 30, 2017
Be a Pro-Life American Patriot

Every fifth grader knows the inalienable rights that Founding Father Thomas Jefferson wrote about in the Declaration of Independence. As Americans, we firmly believe that every person has a right to live freely in society and engage in the ultimate quest for happiness, which rests with our Lord in heaven. But if a person is … read more

CLSP on the Road

May 4, 2017
CLSP Is Coming to a City Near You!

For the Culture of Life Studies Program team, traveling to conferences is one of the highlights of our year. It’s a time when we have the opportunity to see parents and teachers face to face and learn how other people build a culture of life through education. The conference season is far from over, but … read more

Beauty Comes from Within: What One Exceptional Musician Teaches Us about God’s Gift of Life

Apr 27, 2017
Beauty Comes from Within: What One Exceptional Musician Teaches Us about God’s Gift of Life

Opera fans and music lovers alike can appreciate the honey tones and moving dynamics of this German baritone’s voice as he sings “Song to the Evening Star” from Wagner’s Tannhauser.   Those who commented on this YouTube video used words like “sublime,” “magnificent,” and “flawless” to describe his rendition of this aria. Some of the … read more