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Beauty Comes from Within: What One Exceptional Musician Teaches Us about God’s Gift of Life

Jun 4, 2018
Beauty Comes from Within: What One Exceptional Musician Teaches Us about God’s Gift of Life

Opera fans and music lovers alike can appreciate the honey tones and moving dynamics of this German baritone’s voice as he sings “Song to the Evening Star” from Wagner’s Tannhauser.   Those who commented on this YouTube video used words like “sublime,” “magnificent,” and “flawless” to describe his rendition of this aria. Some of the … read more

The Epidemic of Loneliness

May 21, 2018
The Epidemic of Loneliness

When we think of the culture of death, we picture evils like abortion, contraception, and euthanasia. Rarely do we consider the consequences of the culture of death—the epidemic of loneliness. A recent study reported that just over 40 percent of Americans feel left out, isolated, or alone. With the declining birth rate and the increasing … read more

What Happened in Denmark

Apr 23, 2018
What Happened in Denmark

During the Holocaust in Nazi-occupied Europe, two-thirds of all the Jews living in Europe were murdered. Out of fear for their own safety, many citizens in these Nazi-occupied territories stood by and silently watched the Nazis murder their countrymen. Everyone lived in fear and thought that if they just kept to themselves, obeyed the Nazis, … read more

Calling All Students: Walkout for #Life

Apr 2, 2018

Our entire nation mourns the hundreds of children who have died due to gun violence, but what about the hundreds of thousands of children who die every day because of abortion? Inspired by a comment from his high school teacher, 17-year-old Brandon Gillespie of Rocklin High School in California decided to plan a pro-life walkout … read more

Saint Thomas More: God’s Faithful Defender of Marriage

Feb 5, 2018
If You Want to Save Babies, Defend Marriage First

Our world is confused. Human beings are under attack, cohabitation and divorce are on the rise, and thousands of people are suffering from a sexual identity crisis. Even within the Church there exists confusion about God’s law concerning marriage and the family. We live in a world where many good people remain silent or are … read more

5 Political Activism Opportunities for Students

Oct 19, 2017
5 Political Activism Opportunities for Students

Becoming involved in and understanding the political process is an essential duty of every American citizen. If properly formed, our moral consciences help us participate in government without denying our Catholic faith. Students should not wait until they are of voting age before forming their moral consciences. Nor should they wait to become involved in … read more

When Society Rejects the Value of a Human Person

Oct 16, 2017
No Greater Love: Saint Maximilian Kolbe and Living the Gospel of Life

A culture of life respects the dignity of every person, in every stage of development, from the first moment of existence until death. Every human being is cherished and all members of society that embrace a culture of life look for ways to help and uplift people who are suffering, in pain, or who are … read more

Teaching Your Children Respect for Human Beings Is the Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do

Sep 25, 2017

In today’s world, it is not enough to be personally pro-life. Certainly we all pray for an end to abortion, donate to the Pennies for Life collection every October, and maybe even volunteer for a local respect life group. But it isn’t enough. If we are serious about ending abortion and other threats against life, … read more