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Calling All Students: Walkout for #Life

Apr 2, 2018

Our entire nation mourns the hundreds of children who have died due to gun violence, but what about the hundreds of thousands of children who die every day because of abortion? Inspired by a comment from his high school teacher, 17-year-old Brandon Gillespie of Rocklin High School in California decided to plan a pro-life walkout … read more

5 Pro-Life Activism Opportunities for High School Students

Sep 18, 2017
5 Pro-Life Activism Opportunities for High School Students

Everyone is called to give a positive witness of the culture of life. A great way to involve the next generation in the culture of life is to engage students with one of the many activism opportunities designed for and by young people. Here are five fun pro-life activism opportunities for your high school student: … read more

Celebrate the Culture of Life with These February Holidays

Feb 6, 2017
Pro-Life President's Day

February is upon us and it’s another month full of opportunities to help your students embrace the culture of life. Celebrating Our African-American Pro-Life History The pro-life movement is filled with many heroes—people who have given up their friends, careers, and lives in order to devote themselves to protecting every human person. As pro-lifers, Black … read more

Help Your Children #SeeDignity in People with Disabilities

Dec 1, 2016
Help Your Children #SeeDignity in People with Disabilities

On December 3 we are taking a day to remind the world that people with disabilities matter. The #SeeDignity campaign is a day to learn about people with disabilities, to find ways to help them, and to show the world that every human being’s life matters. Visit for ideas on how to participate. Stories … read more

Pro-Life Education Has Never Been This Easy

Oct 27, 2016
Pro-Life Education Has Never Been This Easy

Integrating the culture of life into the lessons you teach at home or in the classroom should be hassle-free. As educators and parents, your job of training the next generation to respect the life of every human being is incredibly important, and, at times, challenging. You want to provide the most relevant information for your … read more

New Products Coming Soon!

Aug 30, 2016
Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? Package

With summer conferences over and our Kickstarter campaign wrapping up, we are excited to offer a wider selection of products for this fall semester through our digital library. High school students studying medieval literature have the opportunity to understand the importance of heroes by studying Dream of the Rood: Discovering the Culture of Life in … read more

HLA’s Newest Resource on Euthanasia

Aug 25, 2016
HLA’s Newest Resource on Euthanasia

This month, Human Life Alliance released its newest project Informed: Life Is Worth Living—a video documentary which explores different facets of euthanasia in our society and helps viewers understand how to make informed healthcare decisions at the end of their lives. “People need to understand the broad implications of healthcare decisions in the ‘Obamacare’ world,” … read more

Ludwig van Beethoven

Jul 18, 2016

Despite his fame, Beethoven did not lead an easy life. Growing up, he lived with an alcoholic and abusive father. Because of this, the family suffered financially and often lived in poverty. Though he struggled with a hearing disability, Beethoven overcame this disability and produced some of the world’s most beautiful music. Our Beethoven mini-lesson … read more