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Tagged: Life Foundations

5 Life-Affirming Books Your Middle-Schooler Will Love

Oct 23, 2017

Like many parents, when summer comes along, you search high and low for ways to keep your children learning throughout the summer (summer reading challenges anyone?). For the middle grade audience, there has never been a wider selection of books from which to choose. But in today’s cultural climate, it can be difficult to find … read more

Why You Must Teach Your Kids about the Culture of Life before High School

Aug 21, 2017

A few minutes on a major television network is enough to convince any parent that the world is a dangerous place for young people. With the current laws in our country, parents must be constantly vigilant if they want to protect the innocence of their young children from the snares of the culture of death. … read more

Why you should teach human development to your young children

Jul 20, 2017

It’s hard to keep young children from being traumatized by the horrors of the abortion industry and the culture of death. But the reality is that, sooner or later, your kids will learn about abortion. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your children have a firm foundation in the culture … read more

Pro-Life Education Just Got Easier

Sep 1, 2016
Life Quest 5th-6th Grade

Did you ever wish that everything you needed to teach about human development to middle schoolers was in one place? What if that lesson were available immediately? We’ve got you covered. We’ve decided to release the long-awaited Defend Life unit study for 7th and 8th grade students as ready-to-use digital downloads. The first lesson, Defend … read more

Pro-Life Vacation Bible School

May 24, 2016
Pro-Life Vacation Bible School

With summer upon us, Vacation Bible School programs are getting ready to help kids learn more about their faith. Summer is a great time to pull out fun crafts and activities that reinforce key lessons about the culture of life. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate pro-life lessons into a Vacation Bible School … read more