Why I Am Pro-Life

by: Henry Cunningham, grade 5

Why am I pro-life? Is it because it is easy? No, it is because it is right. God has created us in His own image and He loves all of us eternally. In fact, God knows us even before we are born and will still love us after the end of time. If we are this loved and valued by God, then we must value and protect human life from its beginning to its end. However, this is not easy because our culture values choice and convenience more than it values protecting life at all stages. 

Children know that killing is wrong. As they get older, there may be influences that try to persuade them that abortion is not actually killing or that it is acceptable in certain cases. But I think that we should encourage people to look at it through the innocence of a child’s eyes so that they can understand the horribleness that it really is. It is violence toward the child, the mother, and the community. 

Being pro-life also means being willing to be an example to others through action. It is important to build a community and a nation and a world that affirm life of all ages and abilities. 

We can do this by showing others what it means to love. The pro-life community helps the poor, the sick, the suffering, and whomever we see who needs us. We do this by being generous with our money, but also by being generous with our time. It is sometimes as simple as starting a conversation or smiling at someone who needs to be loved. Doing this for others assures me that I am bringing joy to others and being pro-life.

© 2018 Henry Cunningham