Pro-Life ‘Superspeech’

by Kolbe Norman, grade 3

Great citizens of the world, we come together to address the issues of abortion, murder, suicide, and the early death of the elderly that harm our great planet. All of these are problems in our world because they take away the lives that God created. God creates life and each person has gifts that are irreplaceable. We must protect everyone no matter his age, skin color, size, or actions.

Abortion is murder of our young and it is against God’s law. We should encourage mothers to place babies for adoption instead. We could also help the mothers by giving them money, food, baby items, and proper healthcare to support them. More families need to open their homes to adopt more children who need a family. If we stop abortion, God will be happy, and He will give us what we need to help those who need it.

Don’t take the life of another person, even though he breaks the law or commits a serious crime. People should not die because of their crimes. We should give them a punishment and a chance to change. We should not harm another person, but we should help each other, love one another, and support one another. The gifts of God shall not be mistreated by taking your own life by suicide. We should give love and attention to those who are hurting and those who are sad. We should try to help people make the right choices. We should share about God, the Bible, and heaven by our speech and by what we do. We should be kind to all.

Elderly people should be helped with healthcare, food, clothing, shelter, and love. We should treat the elderly with great respect and we should do all we can to protect them. We can bring our loved ones into our homes or make sure they have the proper care they need at a nursing home. They deserve proper care until the end of their life and a proper funeral and burial. The elderly give all of us our life, and they give us also wisdom, love, and concern. 

Life is a gift, not a curse. We need to treasure it! We need to nurture life by focusing on loving one another and caring for each other. We can do small things to change the world and be pro-life. We can have big families, and we can care for our family members. We can care for the poor by giving them what they need. We can volunteer to feed the poor and to help clothe them. We can care for our grandparents when they get older; we can wear pro-life clothing and speak up and talk about being pro-life to others. We can teach our children when they are little about the protection of life. Together, let us end these problems that come from evil and darkness; let us join together and live in the light! Together, let us go and change the world!

© 2018 Kolbe Norman. Published with permission.