Life Is Beautiful
By Nevaeh Grace Wicker, grade 5

It is important to be pro-life because life is beautiful. It is beautiful because it is created by God. God breathed the world into existence, but He reserved His very breath for mankind. Therefore, developing a culture of life is very important. A culture of life means that all life is cherished and respected. When this occurs, God is honored and pleased. When abortion occurs, it shows disrespect for God’s creation.

I have grown up being surrounded with the culture of life because my Mom is the executive director of a pro-life organization. If our country embraced a culture of life, there would be more peace, goodness, and respect. A culture of death brings things like suicide, strife, and more abortions. My mom counsels women who have had abortions and she says that, often, by the time they come to see her, they are suicidal and angry. With over 60 million abortions since 1973 when Roe v. Wadebecame legal, there are a lot of angry and hurting men and women in our country who need help. Most pregnancy help centers offer counseling to people who have had abortions. 

My older brother Michael was almost aborted by my mom. She was in an abusive relationship and going through a difficult time, and she believed abortion was her only option. However, Michael kicked her in her womb as she was calling the abortion clinic. She quickly hung up the phone and chose life. She had always been pro-life, so she knew what the right thing to do was. I am so glad she chose life for Michael because he is a wonderful brother and person. Michael is one of the most selfless people I know. He loves Jesus with all his heart. I couldn’t imagine my life without my big brother. Michael teaches me so much about life and the importance of valuing other people. 

Being a pro-life witness helps society by giving people other options than abortion. I want to be a pro-life witness to help girls make the right decision when they are struggling with making a decision for life. My mom will help me with being a good pro-life witness because of her lifelong dedication to the pro-life cause. I want to be just like my mom one day because she is a great pro-life witness. I think by being a pro-life witness I can help to educate people about the horror of abortion and show love and compassion to those who have had one. I would educate them by showing them videos and teaching them about fetal development. For example, a baby’s heart begins beating 18 to 21 days after creation. I think it is important for someone thinking about abortion to know that. It is also important to let somebody who is thinking about having an abortion know that you care about her. That is what my mom does where she works. Also, by offering women an ultrasound, they can hear their baby’s heartbeat and see their baby. My mom says that most women choose life after having an ultrasound. Babies are all unique, and they are a gift from God. I believe every life should have a chance, because life is beautiful. 

© 2018 Nevaeh Grace Wicker