Little Souls

By Sarah Walters, grade 4 

I think it is important to be pro-life because there is a little soul in each one of those babies. And I think they deserve a chance to have a say in the world and to be able to see what it is like. Before we made abortion legal in America, the Constitution said that everyone has the right to life. Abortion is going against that by not letting those babies have a voice or a say. 

When I think of the moms and the people who do the bad things for abortion, I think of the movie The Little Mermaidand the part with Ariel and Ursula. Ursula sent out her henchmen to provoke Ariel into coming to Ursula for help. Ariel went to the sea witch because she felt it was her last choice. It was very foolish of her, but the sea witch made her feel like that was the only place she could go to get what she wanted. When moms go to an abortion clinic, it is similar to this. It is still unwise of the mom to go there, but the people who support abortion have made her believe she cannot take care of her baby.  

If the entire US were pro-life and made abortion illegal again, I think we would not have as many arguments between pro-life and pro-death politicians.  Abortionists are not standing by what they say. They say they protect and help women. But if you think about it, there could be a girl in the womb and she would have the DNA of a woman. Therefore, they are not standing by what they say. Pro-death people who stand for abortion and Planned Parenthood think that money is more important than people. 

I know someone who works at Maggie’s Place and if you compare what they do with the abortionists, there are many differences. The abortionists take not only money from the moms but also the joy of being able to see a child whom they could call their own. Maggie’s Place does not take a cent from women. It gives them the joy of knowing they have a child of their own and gives them a home where they can know they and their baby will be well taken care of. For an example of how to save more babies’ lives, you could go to an abortion clinic and pray in front of it and that prayer will help some women to know that this is not their final choice. They could let someone adopt the child instead of killing him, and so many people want to adopt children. 

Since I am still little, I would personally pray the most. I feel that prayer is very powerful, and, hopefully, when I am older, I will be bold enough to do more and help people change their minds. Also, outlawing abortion would stop so many women from the heartbreak of knowing that they have forever lost a dear little soul. It is important to be pro-life because we need to try to help as many of those souls to be born and to help women know that there is a place they can go to get help that is not an abortion clinic. Human souls are more important than money, fame, and politics. I feel that the world would be a better place if everyone would just stop the killing of innocent little souls.

© 2018 Sarah Walters