First Place Winner: Pia Dudas

Regina Pacis School

Grade 3

Pray Always

Preborn babies are just like you and me because even though they are still in their mother’s wombs, they are alive. They move around and kick and let their mothers know they are there and that they need her. My mom told me that her doctor showed her a picture of my older brother while he was still in her belly, and he was sucking his thumb!

Preborn babies are human beings; they are just not out of their mothers’ wombs yet. They have bodies, fingers, hands, feet, and legs. Maybe their heart and lungs are not fully formed yet, but their souls are fully formed. God thought of them and knows them and loved them into being, just like He did you and me. Even if it is hard for families to take care of them sometimes, preborn babies can’t be so easily thrown out because they are human beings, and in the end, our lives are about more than what is easy. Our lives are about love, and preborn babies need love, just like you and me. I feel so grateful to my mom and dad because they have given up a lot to have me, and I know love is not always easy.

To help other people understand this, I would have private conversations with them and let them know that there are many people who can help them keep their babies. My mother told me about a group of nuns who raise money and take in mothers who want to keep their babies but don’t have enough money. They are called the Sisters of Life. And Mother Teresa started the Missionaries of Charity to help the poor and unwanted. She and her sisters would take care of babies who did not have love. They picked them off the streets and put them in cradles, and sometimes there would be two or three babies in each cradle. These babies don’t have a lot of things or even sometimes enough food, but they have love and so they have life. And in that way, the mothers can see that their babies need most of all what cannot be bought: love. And they will see that the more they give away of love, the more it grows.

Mothers can also give their babies up for adoption to other women who can’t have their own babies, and the babies would be loved so, so much. I know that sometimes when people can’t have babies, they are so sad and empty, and there can be no greater gift, except the gift of life that the baby would also be getting.

I would be patient and loving in talking about these things because I think the people who are thinking about abortion are afraid, and if they knew that there are people to help them, they would be less afraid and think more about the life that is in them. I would show them pictures of babies sucking their thumbs in their mother’s bellies. I would also write a book that talks about love because love is stronger than fear. I think there should be more books and movies about the beautiful thing that is life. Most of all, I would pray for God to help us all.