Second Place Winner: Matthew Hakesley

Grade 3

The Right to Life


Preborn babies are vulnerable and defenseless, and they need us to defend them. All human beings, including preborn babies, have a right to live. God created all of us, and we all have a responsibility to take care of our brothers and sisters in Christ. This includes taking care of all life, even the smallest human beings who haven’t been born yet.

A preborn baby is equal to you and me. Babies have rights just like people who are already born. God made us all equal. He gave us all a soul. God sent His only Son, Jesus, in the form of a baby to show the world how precious even the smallest and most innocent human beings are. If human beings only have worth after they are born, then God would have sent Jesus to this earth as a grown person. Why would He have bothered to send Jesus as a baby if preborn babies have no worth? Just because babies are small doesn’t mean that they have no worth. I remember when one of my sisters, Elizabeth, was in my mama’s belly. I remember seeing ultrasounds and watching Mama’s belly moving. Elizabeth is definitely a human being just like me.

We can create a culture of life by warning people that abortion is wrong. It’s against the Fifth Commandment, which tells us not to kill and that killing is a mortal sin. We can remind people that they have the option of adoption. We can make sure that mothers of preborn babies are taken care of and that they have what they need even after the baby is born. Maybe it would be helpful to put up signs that remind people that they can choose adoption and not abortion. I can write letters to the president and politicians about abortion and tell them how bad it is. I can remind them that all babies have a right to live. I think the president should show the Baby Steps DVD on every TV in the country to help people realize that even preborn babies are human beings just like us. In an ultrasound you see a human being moving around, maybe even sucking his thumb when he is tiny.

We need everyone to help defend preborn babies. Everyone is equal in this world as God made us to be. I want to write a letter to President Trump and ask him to talk to the politicians about abortion. I want to ask him to tell everyone that abortion is wrong and that all babies have a right to live. The Constitution says that we all have the right to life. Abortion takes away life. Preborn babies are innocent, vulnerable, and defenseless, and we should all support the stopping of abortion.