Honorable Mention: Emma Eisenmann

Grade 5

More Babies

I am a Catholic, and I support being pro-life. I am the third oldest of six kids; I have two older twin brothers, two younger girl siblings, and one younger brother. Many of the families I know have a lot of children, and surprisingly my grandma is one of 16 children. I am also homeschooled. I attend a co-op on Fridays, and everyone at our co-op supports the pro-life movement. Since I am a part of a big family and I’m around big families and pro-life people, I don’t often encounter pro-choice people, but I want to be prepared. I will support pro-life for as long as I live and will always stand up for it and what is right. Here, I will share with you why preborn babies are the same as you and me and how I can participate in building a culture of life by helping others see that preborn babies are human beings.

Preborn babies are just like you and me! Each of us has a body: We have our hair, our fingers, our toes, our eyes, our ears, our mouth, our nose, our nails, and more. We also each have a mind. We can each think and even react to something. When we get scared, we might scream or start laughing. It might be a little different, but a baby also reacts to stuff in the womb. When someone talks to the baby sweetly or accidently startles a preborn baby, he may kick inside the mother’s womb. Even St. John the Baptist did this when the Blessed Mother spoke to St. Elizabeth at the Visitation.

We all have a soul, too. We are made in the image and likeness of God, which means we are His reflection and we can imitate His love. What a responsibility, but also an honor! Preborn babies also have a Guardian Angel like we do. When my mom was pregnant with my twin big brothers, she was heavily protected by three Guardian Angels! We are different from all other creatures. We can choose, and we were made to worship God. This baby in a mother’s womb will too when the time comes! I think it is very sad that people think that the baby inside the mother’s womb is just a pile of cells. Really, this is a great human being who is coming into the world.

It is challenging to make a difference in the pro-life movement at the age of 10, but here are some ways I can build a culture of life at this young age. I can wear my pro-life shirt or sweatshirt. I can try to convince pro-choicers to see that there is a living baby in the womb. I can also be joyful when my mom or any mom is pregnant. One way I could do this is simply ask, “When are you due?” or “Do you know if the baby is a girl or a boy?” Most of all, I can never ever be unhappy when someone is pregnant. I can also try very hard to be kind to all people 100 percent of the time wherever I am, no matter how they look, how they act, or what they do. This demonstrates valuing life, too.

I enjoy the pro-life movement, and I hope that one day the pro-life movement will win the battle. I pray pro-choicers will change their minds about life and see that preborn babies are just the same as you and me and not just a pile of cells. I also pray that I can build a bigger culture of life by helping others see this truth. If I can’t change their minds, I will pray for their hearts to change. Hopefully, one day abortion will be illegal, and more babies will come into this world and bring joy to everyone.