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Would you like to see more pro-life educational resources for students in our schools and parishes? Do you see a need to equip and prepare today’s young people with the truth about the sacredness of all human beings and to combat the cultural lies that students are bombarded with on a daily basis? Would you like to give the current generation of young people the tools they need to defend all human beings from creation until death? Now you can!

In our Ambassadors for Life program, people just like you are making a difference in their communities. The Ambassadors for Life are people—mostly lifelong pro-lifers—who want to make a difference in their own communities by helping CLSP become part of their parish or diocese curriculum. They are using their time, talents, treasure, and local connections to make sure that the past 40 years don’t go to waste.

Do you feel called to help build a culture of life in this way?

Ambassador for Life Spotlight: Bill Gourley

Like many pro-lifers, Bill Gourley became involved in the pro-life movement shortly after the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions in 1973. As the co-chair of the Respect Life Committee, Gourley does his part to make sure that his parish and his community understand the value of every person’s life. Last year, Gourley discovered the Culture of Life Studies Program while searching for a pro-life program to use with the youth of his parish. “I felt like I had just stumbled on something amazing that I didn’t know existed,” he recalls. He immediately took action. At the next Respect Life Committee meeting, Gourley excitedly shared his discovery with his colleagues and soon the parish elementary school adopted CLSP into its curriculum.

But Gourley didn’t stop there. “I wasn’t satisfied just reaching the youth in our local parish when we have Catholic elementary and high schools across the diocese that are unaware of CLSP and not benefitting from any formal diocese-wide pro-life educational initiatives,” he said. “I am working to change that.”

Thanks to Gourley’s help and connections, the Culture of Life Studies Program materials are available free of charge and can be incorporated into the curriculum for all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware.

“CLSP has the best K-12 focused, classroom-ready educational materials available anywhere,” he says. “Take it to local faith-based educators. Be persistent, but be patient. Introducing new lessons into established curriculums—regardless of its quality—takes time. Pray. God will inspire you and give you the strength to pursue His work.”

Are you ready to become an Ambassador for Life too?

Join the growing grassroots movement!

Thank you to our supporters who felt called to give of their time, talent, and treasure. They are staunchly supporting our efforts in their communities. They are introducing us to schools, administrators, and super intendents. They are attending meetings, promoting our materials, and helping us get our foot in the door in dioceses across the nation. They are dedicated. They are determined. And for them, we are incredibly grateful! We would not be where we are today without them.

Rosemary Circo, Whittier, CA

Catherine Dobrenchuk Whittier, CA

Janice Martin, Posie, IN

Phil Sevilla, San Antonio, TX

Marie Sica, Township, PA

Andrew Missler, Willard, OH

Bill Gourley, Wilmington, DE

Mary Lou Junker, Stillwater, MN

Jeanne Arensman, Assumption, TX

Denise Leipold, Akron, OH

Maggie DeWitte, Des Moines, IA

Marilyn Krinzel, Syracuse, NY

Catherine Contreras, Alhambra, CA

Connie Consbruck, Hastings, NE

Karen Cross, Bryantown, MD

Mary Lou Junker, Minneapolis, MN

Christine Bowers, Darlington, MD

Cindy Morales, Glenview, IL

Jackie Fate, Traverse City, MI

Julia Smead, Bedford, TX

Dawn Eskew, New York, NY

Marion Klotz, Punxsutawney, PA

Mary Rigert, Beaverton, OR

Bert Hilberger, Williamsburg, VA

Steve McNeely, Tucson, AZ

Sam Mannino, Royal Oak, MI

Marlene Townsend, Schererville, IN

Elizabeth Fixler, Chapel Hill, NC

Margie Wilson, Valpraiso, IN

Patricia Frechette, Saco, ME

Roseann Gracza, Sun City, CA

Julie Hindman, International Falls, MN

MaryAnn Black, Centerville, OH

Jonelle Krakau, Boise, ID

Wendy Greenway, San Antonio, TX

Lorraine Vance, Galena, OH

Ann Poole, St. Ebensburg, PA

Priscilla Quintana, Taos, NM

Frank Tureskis, Glenarm, IL

Christine Tueber, Dearborn Heights, MI

Ann Marie Bowen, Omaha, NE

Roger Foppe, Breese, IL

Angela Accurso, Kanasas City, MO

Christine Mraz, Johnstown, PA

Linda Cozzi, Lockport, IL

Margaret Mans, Goddard, KS

Wendy Wermerskirchen, Breckenridge, MN

Sheila Flanagan, Needham, MA

Kathy Chinchiolo, Stockton, CA

Phyllis Nickchen, Greendale, WI

Roger and Sharon Roman, Stockton, CA

Karen Bonick, Waconia, MN

Doris Santschi, New Lenox, IL

Dennis Howard, Brookside, NJ

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, NM

Theresa Camara, TX

Brian Michael Bott, Xenia, OH

David Smolik, Hallettsville, TX

Claire Wong Savannah, GA

Dave Anderson, Grand Island, NY

Aixa Duffy, Las Vegas, NV

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