Become an Ambassador for Life

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Become an Ambassador for Life

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve been fighting in the pro-life trenches for decades, but are frustrated at the lack of progress that we’ve made in overturning Roe v. Wade and more importantly, shifting cultural attitudes to affirm human life.
  • You want to make real progress in ending abortion, especially among young people.
  • You have contacts at your local parish, at Catholic schools, on respect life committees, in diocesan offices, or within the larger faith community.
  • You want to give your time, talent, local connections, or financial resources to build up the next generation of pro-life leaders.

Through our Ambassadors for Life program, you can play a role in bringing pro-life education to your area. Your role is simple: Be CLSP’s contact on the ground to introduce us to the right people so that pro-life education can flourish in your area.

Following the formula we’ve developed with other Ambassadors for Life, we promise to be there to help you, and provide materials and advice along the way.

With the help of dedicated Ambassadors, Culture of Life Studies Program materials are being taught in almost 200 schools across the United States and Canada.

CLSP has enjoyed great success over the past three years. However, dozens of dioceses across the United States still lack a firm action plan for teaching pro-life values to Catholic school students in every grade level. We need people like YOU who will help educate and empower the next generation.

Ambassadors for Life receive:

  • Access to sample CLSP lessons and unit studies for review
  • Promotional materials for parish priests, local Catholic schools, parish directors of religious education, youth directors, or homeschooling co-op leaders
  • Step-by-step instructions on whom to contact and what to say
  • One-on-one coaching calls with Director of Outreach Mary Flores

Now is the time to bring pro-life education to schools, parishes, and dioceses throughout the country. The need is urgent; our students deserve the truth! To accomplish our goal, we need your help!

Another way you can ensure the success of our program is through your financial support. Any donation, big or small, is directed toward the creation and distribution of pro-life educational materials. We keep the prices of our materials very low to make them accessible to everyone. To make this possible, we rely on the generosity of our supporters. Please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter or making a one-time gift today.

Contact Director of Outreach Mary Flores at to get started as our next Ambassador for Life!

Ambassador for Life Spotlight: Bill Gourley

Like many pro-lifers, Bill Gourley became involved in the pro-life movement shortly after the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions in 1973. As the co-chair of the Respect Life Committee, Gourley does his part to make sure that his parish and his community understand the value of every person’s life. Last year, Gourley discovered the Culture of Life Studies Program while searching for a pro-life program to use with the youth of his parish. “I felt like I had just stumbled on something amazing that I didn’t know existed,” he recalls. He immediately took action. At the next Respect Life Committee meeting, Gourley excitedly shared his discovery with his colleagues and soon the parish elementary school adopted CLSP into its curriculum.

But Gourley didn’t stop there. “I wasn’t satisfied just reaching the youth in our local parish when we have Catholic elementary and high schools across the diocese that are unaware of CLSP and not benefitting from any formal diocese-wide pro-life educational initiatives,” he said. “I am working to change that.”

Thanks to Gourley’s help and connections, the Culture of Life Studies Program materials are available free of charge and can be incorporated into the curriculum for all Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wilmington, Delaware.

“CLSP has the best K-12 focused, classroom-ready educational materials available anywhere,” he says. “Take it to local faith-based educators. Be persistent, but be patient. Introducing new lessons into established curriculums—regardless of its quality—takes time. Pray. God will inspire you and give you the strength to pursue His work.”

Here’s what other Ambassadors for Life say:

I reacted like a “child on Christmas Morning” when I received the package from [CLSP] today! For three years I’ve been working on getting together a program of appropriate info to educate our youth on respect life issues. It’s been very time-consuming. Then, when I ran across [CLSP] . . . it gave me such hope. I don’t need to do this on my own! THANK YOU!

Mary Lou Junker, Ambassador for Life

A hearty congratulations to the CLSP team who has created a unique pro-life educational program for our kids which sells itself. [There’s] nothing else like it in the pro-life universe.

Phil Sevilla, Ambassador for Life

I am a sidewalk counselor every Saturday at a nearby abortion clinic. The pro-life movement can no longer solely rely on this means to save babies. . . . It needs to start with our young ones. . . . That is why your mission is so very important. During my workshop showing Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?, the teens were horrified by what they learned about her, yet very appreciative for the information they were given. At the completion of the workshop most students made a personal pledge to lead a pro-life life. My sincere thanks to you and all of the staff at the Culture of Life Studies Program.

Roseann Gracza, Sidewalk Counselor, Ambassador for Life

CLSP integrates seamlessly into my lesson plans. Their lessons go above and beyond with helpful links and content for the teacher. The real mastery of knowledge in my humble opinion is observed in life-changing behavior of the students. Thank God for CLSP!

Rosemary Circo, Ambassador for Life, St. Bruno School, Whittier, CA

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