5 Pro-Life Activism Opportunities for High School Students

Everyone is called to give a positive witness of the culture of life. A great way to involve the next generation in the culture of life is to engage students with one of the many activism opportunities designed for and by young people. Here are five fun pro-life activism opportunities for your high school student:

Everyone loves cupcakes.

Everyone loves cupcakes! National Pro-Life Cupcake Day began as a day to remember the lives of children who were denied the right to lifethe right to have a birthdaybecause of abortion. By sharing a cupcake, we have the opportunity to also share information about the lives lost to abortion with someone who may not otherwise talk with us.

Start thinking of ideas for how to decorate for National Pro-Life Cupcake Day in October! Find out more at cupcakesforlife.com.

Be silent with a purpose.

Participants of the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity voluntarily give up their voices for a day in order to stand up for those who have no voice, namely the sick, the weak, the preborn who are in danger of abortion, and those who have no one to defend them. Because actions speak louder than words, we use our silence to send a message to our neighbors and friends that we will defend all innocent life from the very beginning.

Give up your voice for a day in October! See the Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity Facebook page for more information.

Draw pro-life messages on the sidewalk.

This is a low cost and fun activity that can potentially touch hundreds, if not thousands, of hearts. Some pro-lifers write positive messages or shocking statistics, depending on the location of the chalking. Others use the visual of 3,500+ hearts to show how many babies die in a single day in America from abortion. Chalk the sidewalk at your school, your church, your neighborhoodanywhere that is public property.

Start chalking in March 2018! For more information, visit nationalprolifechalkday.com.

Create a Cemetery of the Innocents.

Create a visual public reminder of the lives lost to abortion. Use crosses, American flags, or other visual markers in a big field for public viewing. Make sure that viewers know what the cemetery represents.

Find out more at the Leadership Institute website and at Students for Life of America.

5 Pro-Life Activism Opportunities for High School StudentsSport a pro-life T.

Share the truth about abortion by wearing your pro-life T-shirt and participate in the annual photo contest that will get you out and about, and maybe even into your senator or congressperson’s office! The contestants in the photo contest get the chance to win some pretty cool prizes, and change many hearts!

Look for National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day in Spring 2018. For more information, visit LifeDefender.org.

There are many different ways to evangelize in your own community and spread the culture of life. As pro-life activists, we need to find more ways to engage our neighbors in defense of life. We need to seek out new opportunities to defend all human beings from the very first moment of existence until death. Mark your calendars now and make this a year filled with activism on behalf of the preborn!  

Starting a pro-life club in your area? Check our Starting a Pro-Life Club page for tips and ideas!

What other activism events can you do with your high school students? Leave a comment below with your suggestions or successes!

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