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5 Reasons Your Children Should Participate in NPLTD

Apr 7, 2016

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5 Reasons Your Children Should Participate in NPLTD

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day is a national day of action for children, young adults, and adults across the country. On this day, we encourage everyone to wear a pro-life T-shirt to school, in their community, or to work. Every year thousands of people participate in this event to show the world that they stand with expectant mothers and preborn babies!

Here are five reasons why your children should participate in this life-affirming day:

  1. It is a unique event in which the whole family can participate. Wearing a pro-life T-shirt around town is something that your youngest and your oldest can do together. You could have each of your children wear a different pro-life T-shirt and go to the park, the mall, or even the grocery store together. No matter what activity you do, you will all be united as you publicly stand for the sanctity of life.
  2. It is a learning experience. Explain to your children that they are wearing their pro-life T-shirts to stand up for tiny preborn children. Use Life Is Precious to help show your children pictures of the tiny babies they are defending.
  3. It is a confidence builder. This event was specifically designed so that even the most timid among us can feel empowered to speak up on behalf of the innocent. When your child puts on a pro-life T-shirt and walks around school or his community he should feel a sense of profound confidence, as he is standing up for the human rights of the littlest ones among us. If going to public school in your pro-life T-shirt is a concern, we have subtle shirts that say things such as “Life Defender” so that every young person will be confident and proud when participating in this noteworthy day.
  4. It is a lot of fun and offers great photo opportunities. NPLTD is supposed to be a positive and lighthearted way to defend the preborn and reject abortion. We encourage people to take tons of photos. Take photos of your children wearing their shirts around your community. Even take some silly photos. If you post them on social media using the hashtag #NPLTD16, you may be featured on the official Facebook page.
  5. Most importantly, your children can be witnesses to others! You never know who will read and look at your children’s shirts. It could be a young expectant mother, a new father, or someone who is on the fence about abortion. You just never know how you and your children will impact other people.

Let’s make this National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day bigger than ever before! I challenge you to get your children, friends, and neighbors to all participate in this life-affirming day. The bigger we make NPLTD, the larger effect we will have on the country. Let’s prove that the youth are the pro-life generation!

Five Reasons Your Children Should Participate in NPLTD


Emily Brown graduated from Mount St. Mary’s University in May 2015. She began working for American Life League this summer and is a founding member of its new youth department, ALL Life Defenders. She plans on educating and collaborating with young adults all over the country to empower the new generation!

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