Be a Pro-Life American Patriot

Every fifth grader knows the inalienable rights that Founding Father Thomas Jefferson wrote about in the Declaration of Independence. As Americans, we firmly believe that every person has a right to live freely in society and engage in the ultimate quest for happiness, which rests with our Lord in heaven. But if a person is denied the right to life, how can he enjoy other freedoms?

Abortion is the greatest violation of human rights, not only because thousands of innocent preborn babies die every day, but because millions of Americans stand silent and apathetic to the injustices committed every day. This Independence Day, don’t ignore the injustice around you. Make our forefathers proud by standing up for human rights and protecting the weak. 

Do more

Many people around the world do not have the freedom to vote or travel. Many families struggle to find enough food to eat because of their oppressive government or war conditions. As Americans, we are incredibly blessed to be able to practice our faith openly and speak publicly about our beliefs. Yet oftentimes we become so involved with our lives and our families that we neglect to use our freedom to evangelize to others.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus talks about people who have been blessed: “Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more” (Luke 12:48b). If we have been blessed with freedom to speak on behalf of the weak and oppressed, then it is our sacred duty to do something to alleviate the suffering in the world.

Many people say “I’m pro-life” or “I believe that abortion is wrong,” yet how many people actually stop to do something about these beliefs? There are so many ways that you can build a culture of life in your home and in your community. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Pray to end abortion and the threats against the lives of human beings.
  • Volunteer at pregnancy resource centers, soup kitchens, or nursing homes.
  • Educate yourself on pro-life topics and current legislation about the care of human beings.
  • Have regular conversations about pro-life topics with your family and friends.
  • Be prepared to speak on behalf of the defenseless at all times.

It is not enough to be “pro-life.” We need to take action if we want to put our beliefs into practice. Just as you can’t expect a Christian to impact the world if he only goes to church on Sunday and never speaks about his faith with others, so you also cannot protect the lives of human beings simply by understanding that abortion is wrong.

As Americans, we are blessed with many gifts and freedoms. We must use the gifts that we have been given in order to ensure that all people—young and old, born and preborn—are able to enjoy the right to life. If we don’t do something to ensure that every person in America is valued and treasured, who will?

Laura Kizior is the Digital Media and Communciations Manager for the Culture of Life Studies Program. Her work has appeared on,,, Celebrate Life Magazine,, and in the Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance newsletter.