Did you know that Saint Nicholas is the patron saint and protector of children? That’s why we remember him as a great pro-life saint. Not only was Saint Nicholas concerned for the weakest members of society, he also believed in sharing everything he had with the poor and giving gifts to people in need. His feast day is celebrated on December 6.

Check out six of our favorite pro-life picture books on Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus.

Our favorite

SantasSecretStorySanta’s Secret Story by Cornelia Mary Bilinsky

After meeting Saint Nicholas with her Guardian Angel, Rachel learns how to share God’s love with her little brother through small gifts and acts of kindness. While preserving the magic of Santa Claus, this delightful book tells the story of Saint Nicholas and inspires children to follow his example of generosity and care for others. Use this book to remind your children that Christmas is about God’s greatest gift to us—His Son Jesus.




Read Santa’s Secret Story with our new lesson Christ, the True Gift of Christmas. In this lesson, students explore the life of Saint Nicholas and learn how they can imitate his example and build a culture of life. Bonus coloring page and ornament craft included. 

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Other great books

TheLegendofStNicholasThe Legend of Saint Nicholas by Anselm Grun

The life of Saint Nicholas, bishop of Myra, is shrouded in mystery and legend. This charming book focuses on many of the great legends of St. Nicholas and shows children the importance of caring for others. This book does not make the connection between Santa Claus and Saint Nicholas but instead focuses solely on the life of the saint, helping you teach your children how to follow his example in caring for others, especially those who are less fortunate.


StNicholasDemiThe Legend of Saint Nicholas by Demi

With gorgeous iconography, this picture book tells the stories and the legends surrounding the life of Saint Nicholas. Readers are reminded that Saint Nicholas was a real person, but also that he is the real-life Santa Claus. Use this book to teach your children about the corporal and spiritual works of mercy and how we are called to take care of others, just as St. Nicholas took care of the less fortunate people around him.


SaintNicholasTheRealStorySaint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend by Julie Stiegemeyer

Through a fictionalized story, this picture book focuses on a few of the main legends of Saint Nicholas and his generosity to others. Although the message of the book encourages readers to follow the example of the saint, it does not portray Saint Nicholas as a priest or the bishop of Myra, but rather as a simple pastor. Use this book to teach your children how to respond to God’s great gift of love to us.


SantasFavoriteStorySanta’s Favorite Story by Hisako Aoki and Ivan Gantschev

When forest animals discover Santa Claus asleep under a tree, they worry that Christmas might not come. Santa reminds them that he is only a small part of the celebration of Christmas and that Jesus is the real reason for the season. Using this story, remind your children that Christmas means more than getting presents. Christmas is about the birth of Jesus—God’s greatest gift to us.  


TheBakersDozenThe Baker’s Dozen: A Colonial American Tale by Heather Forest

When a greedy baker cheats an old woman out of his famous St. Nicholas Day cookies, his business begins to fail. It is only when he realizes the sinfulness of his attitude that the baker is able to bake tasty treats again. Use this story to teach your children generosity in using their talents for the glory of God.



Looking for more pro-life Christmas books? Check out our Christmas lesson bundle.


Laura Kizior is the Digital Media and Communciations Manager for the Culture of Life Studies Program. Her work has appeared on,,, Celebrate Life Magazine,, and in the Pro-Life Healthcare Alliance newsletter.