Celebrating Evil
October 16, 2016, marks a sinister 100 year anniversary in our nation’s history—the founding of what has become the largest abortion business in America. For a century, Planned Parenthood (or the American Birth Control League as it was known back then) has lied to women about the value of every human being’s life.

In the 1910s and 1920s, it was illegal to even distribute information about birth control. Because of the tenacity of Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood’s founder, public objections and laws against birth control slowly withered away. Sanger saw birth control decriminalized in 1965, only one year before her death. Had she lived just one more decade, she would have seen the passing of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, the Supreme Court cases that decriminalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

Margaret Sanger was just one person working to change the culture. She made a lot of noise in society and people listened to her. Using her passion, her steadfast dedication to her cause, and her influence with those in position of wealth and authority, she inspired others to follow her diabolic ideas. Sanger is lasting proof of how evil ideas can take hold in society, how laws can change, and how public opinion can be swayed to the detriment of society.

Sanger is far from forgotten in the pages of history. Planned Parenthood proudly honors its founder through the Maggie Awards it distributes each year. In addition, one of Sanger’s former birth control clinics is now a national landmark in New York City—the same city where more African American children are killed through abortion than are born.

This madness must stop. We cannot let our country continue to honor this evil woman and the organization which still carries on her legacy.

CLSP’s new unit study and video series entitled Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? shows high school students the real agenda behind the abortion industry, uncovers its roots in eugenics and racism, and explains how the acceptance of birth control ultimately leads to more abortions. Never has it been more important for our children to learn about Sanger, for she continues to impact their lives.

This is indeed an important year. Though PP may enjoy its macabre celebration, we will not celebrate the millions of lives lost through abortion, the broken marriages, the sexual immorality, and the racial targeting of the abortion industry. But we will make sure that our kids are well equipped to stop Planned Parenthood dead in its tracks.

One hundred years is 100 years too long! Let’s not wait another day. Make the commitment to spreading the truth about Planned Parenthood. Buy Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? or donate a copy to a school in your community. Together, we can undo Margaret Sanger’s damage and build a culture of life.