Not everyone is called to work in a pro-life organization or formally debate others on the topic of abortion, but we all need to work together if we want to transform our culture. Here are five simple things you can do right now to help end abortion:

1. Pray

You can pray anytime, anywhere. Consider spiritually adopting a preborn baby as an activity with the whole family. Stuck at home? Spend an hour in prayer, praying for the mothers, fathers, babies, clinic workers, and sidewalk advocates who will be at your local abortion clinic today. Put out a small fetal model to remind you to pray daily for preborn babies.

Resolve to pray every day for an end to abortion and for the strengthening of the family. Pause reading this post right now and pray to end abortion. Your prayer could be as simple as:

Lord, Creator and Author of all life, protect the lives of all preborn babies who are in danger of abortion today. Help our country repent and turn back to You. Amen.

2. Fast

Give up something in your life to help end the murder of millions of innocent preborn babies. Can you live a day without coffee, your pillow, or a meal? It might only be a small sacrifice on your part, but everything you do to transform your desires into God’s desires not only brings you closer to Him, but is also offered up as a prayer for others.

3. Educate yourself

The next time a coworker, student, or friend challenges you on the topic of abortion, you should have a response ready. Not only that, but you also need to have your facts straight so that the other person will take you seriously. That’s why learning the facts about a preborn baby’s development and the truth about Planned Parenthood is so important. Do you know the pro-life basics? It might be time for a refresher course.

Is there any issue that keeps coming up that you never seem to have an answer for, like euthanasia or abortion exceptions? Read an article or two right now. Share what you learn with a coworker at lunch, at the family dinner table tonight, or during your next outing with friends.

4. Spread the word (with compassion)

Are you afraid to bring up the topic of abortion? Don’t be. You have the truth on your side. Engaging others on this topic might be as simple as reposting a pro-life article on social media or putting a pro-life bumper sticker on your car. Remember that abortion has hurt countless numbers of people and broken so many families. Never lash out; challenge others with kindness and compassion.

As pro-lifers, our job is to remind people about the inestimable worth of every human being—that we are all unrepeatable and unique. Abortion takes the life of a human person who can never be replaced. Right now, share an inspirational quote on your preferred social network.

5. Use your actions

Spread the gospel of life with your behavior toward other people. Are you really being pro-life if you gossip behind your friends’ backs or shout abuse at the driver who just cut you off on the freeway? Pro-life means that you respect the dignity of the other people around you. Act like it. Is there one area of your life in which you aren’t treating other people with respect? Make a commitment to change.

Every person has a duty to protect the lives of innocent human beings. Just think, if every pro-life person made a daily commitment to building a culture of life, we could transform our culture. Make a commitment to do one small thing every single day to help end abortion. Building a culture of life doesn’t start tomorrow; it starts right here and right now.

Mary Kizior is the Product Development and Marketing Manager for the Culture of Life Studies Program. Her work has appeared on, Christ Is Our Hope magazine, Celebrate Life Magazine, Defend Life magazine, the Peanut Butter and Grace blog, and other blogs.