Life is Precious Curriculum

There has never been a stronger need for a fully pro-life educational program for students that not only teaches the beauty of the culture of life, but that is also faithful to Catholic Church teaching.

Children at young ages need to learn about the miracle of preborn children and the amazing journey of a human being from creation through birth. Life Is Precious for kindergarten through second grade is the perfect tool to teach children about a preborn baby’s development, the uniqueness of every human being, defending others, and standing up for your beliefs.

Here’s what some teachers and parents have to say about how Life Is Precious has changed the lives of their students:

Thank you so much for your beautiful program!!! We are enjoying every bit of it!! smile emoticon …. Over the course of the past 7 months, we have followed along during our baby’s development & the children absolutely LOVE every lesson as they bond with their preborn baby brother heart emoticon … Can’t say enough about what a blessing your program is to our family!! It’s my favorite lesson to teach in our homeschool -soothes the soul… thank you thank you thank you!!

—Melanie Lafleur Johnston


I purchased this program for my 5 year old and as soon as I started reading Angel in the Waters, my 14 year old was snuggled up to hear the story too. I think this speaks to the message of life attracting all ages because it is pure truth.

The story, coupled with the projects, solidified the message for the day and also created moments of conversation throughout our day. Conversations of life, babies, prayer, and trust in God. For this one aspect, the program is a homeschooler’s dream!

I love the scripture references because it allows me to include religion in our study. The book is easy to follow and informative. The supplies needed are common and available in any home.

— Homeschooling mom from Missouri


Thank you American Life League for creating this important program! We called to order one copy of Life Is Precious and after giving it to a local kindergarten teacher we decided to order two more.

The teacher used the fetal development section with her class just before Mother’s Day and was so pleased she wanted to keep it to use again in the future. We look forward to sharing it with more schools in our area!

— Carol Newman and Diane Zirbel, Door County Right to Life


I received my Culture of Life Program [Life Is Precious] today and I LOVE it. It is so awesome! I’ve moderated a Culture of Life Club for 6th and 7th grade students at our local Catholic grade school for six years now.

Last year, I started one for 4th and 5th grades. This book is going to help with the clubs and possibly in starting one for younger students. Thank you so much!!

— Natasia Kissinger, mother of six, former grade school teacher, Culture of Life Coordinator for her parish, and Culture of Life Club moderator


What a fabulous way to instill the message of the value of each human being’s life to children of all ages! This material is professionally and uniquely put together to reach children in ways that are developmentally appropriate and fun at the same time.

Beyond using it for our children, we could not pass up the opportunity to purchase a copy to lobby this into our hybrid homeschool and promote this around the archdiocese of Atlanta. There is nothing else like this available. Thank you ALL!

— T. Russell, Atlanta, Georgia


While it is a terrible shame that we must prepare our children to meet such a confusing world, there is nothing at all discouraging, ugly, discouraging, or awkward about this program. The language is beautiful and the messages reinforce the love and tenderness with which each human being is held by our loving Father.

—Melody Lyons, blogger,

Read Melody’s full review of Life is Precious here.

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