Preparing for Respect Life Month

With students recently back in school, it’s hard to start thinking about adding a new theme to an already busy academic schedule. Respect Life Month is a great reminder of why we work so hard to end abortion and other threats to life, but also why our society so desperately needs a culture of life.

Think of this October as your family’s jumpstart to living a culture of life more fully in your household. Go to prayer vigils and rallies at your local Planned Parenthood as a family, volunteer with your teens to help at a pregnancy resource center, or participate in the many national and local pro-life events that happen during the month of October. As you and your family are able, make a commitment to do something every day to respect every human being in all stages of development—from creation to death.

Activism opportunities

October has many great opportunities to stand up for your pro-life beliefs with other dedicated pro-lifers by joining special activism events. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

The 40 Days for Life prayer campaign is a month-long prayer vigil outside abortion clinics across America. Participants volunteer for an hour or more to pray outside of the abortion clinic. 40 Days for Life is a great way to get involved with your local pro-life groups and start making a difference in your own community.

National Pro-Life Cupcake Day on October 9 is a positive way to spread the pro-life message that not every child is allowed to have a birthday. Bake and decorate cupcakes to distribute in a public place and remind passersby that pro-lifers care about both the mother and child in an unplanned pregnancy.

National Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity takes place at the end of October. For one day, students wear red duct tape in silent protest in solidarity with the 3,500+ babies who are denied a voice every day in America from abortion.

Celebrate pro-life heroes

Throughout the month of October, there are many feast days of saints who have stood up in defense of life or who helped to build a culture of life in their own communities.

October 4 Saint Francis of Assisi, who gave up all of his riches to follow Christ, is well known for his dedication to the poor. While we may not all be called to give up every material possession we have, we are all called to help those less fortunate than we. On this feast day, consider volunteering at a food pantry or at a pregnancy care center. You could also use the day to purchase items for mothers in need and deliver them to your local pregnancy center. For additional ideas on how to celebrate the feast of Saint Francis, visit For feasting ideas, visit Younger students will enjoy this Saint Francis coloring page by Charlotte from

October 5 Saint Faustina Kowalska brought the message of Christ’s divine mercy to the world. Mercy plays an integral role in the culture of life, welcoming and healing the women and men who have been wounded by abortion. Today, pray for those who are suffering and in need of healing after abortionespecially those whose hearts have been hardened to the mercy of Christ. Pray also for the conversion of those who are pro-abortion. For feasting ideas, visit

October 16 Saint Gerard Majella is the unofficial patron saint of pregnant mothers. Read the story of the incredible life of Saint Gerard, stories of miracles from his intercession, and novena prayers here. Take some time today to pray for all mothers who are pregnantespecially those who face difficult or challenging pregnancies.  

October 22 Saint John Paul II wrote about the culture of life in the encyclical Evangelium Vitae. This Polish pope worked tirelessly to protect and defend the preborn, the sick, the weak, and all those who are suffering. Younger students will enjoy this free coloring page of Saint John Paul II. For feasting ideas, visit

For other ideas of how to celebrate the saints in the month of October, visit

Enhance your curriculum

Give your children the intellectual and academic foundation they need to be effective communicators of the culture of life with educational supplements from the Culture of Life Studies Program:

  • Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book (age 3+) is the only professionally produced pro-life coloring book available in which children can learn about the beauty of family life and human development as they have fun coloring.
  • Life Is Precious (K-2) is a resource for parents and their children which illustrates the basic facts of human development in the womb using scientifically accurate yet kid-friendly coloring pages and traditionally published picture books.
  • Life Is Precious School Edition (K-2) is a resource for teachers. LikeLife Is Precious, the school edition illustrates the basic facts of human development in the womb, but simplifies the crafts and activities for classroom use.
  • Euthanasia: An Introduction (high school) examines the complex topic of euthanasia by peeling back the layers of rhetoric to let students see what is really at the heart of end-of-life issues.
  • La Culture de La Vie: Teaching the Culture of Life in French Class(high school) explores the culture of life in francophone countries and gives high school students the vocabulary they need to express their pro-life beliefs in French.
  • Dream of the Rood: Discovering the Culture of Life in Medieval English Poetry (high school) discusses an early Christian poem and helps students peel back the layers of imagery, language, and symbolism to reveal a message about the sacredness of all human beings present in medieval literature.
  • Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? (high school) introduces students to the infamous founder of Planned Parenthood and how she got Americans to accept birth control. Students then learn what they can do to undo Sanger’s influence in society.

Make October a month of celebrating the gift of life and focus on the threats against life. Together, we can defeat the culture of death, but only with constant vigilance and prayer and by building a culture of life for the next generation.

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