With summer upon us, Vacation Bible School programs are getting ready to help kids learn more about their faith. Summer is a great time to pull out fun crafts and activities that reinforce key lessons about the culture of life. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate pro-life lessons into a Vacation Bible School program:

Life Primer (kindergarten through 2nd grade)

When teaching young students, focus on instilling respect for every human being. At such a young age, children love the beauty of God’s creation. They are easily in awe of the beauty of a tiny baby growing in his mother’s womb. Use these lessons and ideas to foster this sense of wonder.

  • Teach children that every person, no matter how small, is called to save others. Use Butterflies and Caring for the Least of These to talk about standing up for others and the importance of lending a helping hand to those in need or Pro-Life Prints to teach even the littlest kids about preborn babies.
  • Prayer is an important part of spreading the culture of life. Show students how to be prayer warriors with the Ladybug Warriors free lesson.
  • Teach students about family life and the importance of following God’s will in our lives with these lessons about the Holy Family: St. Joseph and the Gift of Fatherhood and Honoring the Blessed Mother.
  • Use Week 1 of the unit study Life Is Precious School Edition to talk about the beauty of new life in a family. Over four days, the students create a scientifically accurate, yet kid-friendly flipbook of early human development and learn about how a family prepares for the arrival of its newest member.
  • Using the unit study Life Is Precious School Edition, Week 2, talk about how each person is created in the image and likeness of God for a special purpose. Each day, students make a page of a book about themselves, thanking God for the gift of their life.
  • Read Horton Hears a Who! by Dr. Seuss, and over the course of four days, complete the various suggested activities from the unit study Life Is Precious School Edition, Week 3 to teach students how to stand up for their beliefs.
  • It only takes one person to stand up against injustice. Use Life Is Precious School Edition, Week 4 to talk about defending others. Students learn about the fundamentals of pro-life activism and complete fun projects about colors.
  • Use picture books to talk about topics like adoption or the culture of life.

For crafts, coloring pages, and other great pro-life activities, visit our Pro-Life Summer Pinterest board.

Life Foundations (4th-6th grade)

Saints are powerful witnesses of the gospel of life. Use the example of these holy men and women to train students to become powerful communicators of the culture of life.

  • St. Damien of Molokai left his native Belgium to become a missionary in the Hawaiian islands. His compassion for the “least of these” brought him to Molokai where he served the unfortunate people plagued by leprosy.
  • As a young girl, Blessed Chiara Luce Badano understood the need to reach out to those around her. When she developed a painful bone cancer, Chiara continued to say yes to God’s will and comfort those around her as she was dying.
  • Parents have a special mission to build a culture of life. Not only did Sts. Louis and Zelie Martin embrace a culture of life in their family, they also raised a family of nuns, including Saint Thérèse of Lisieux.

Pro-life heroes also set an example of how even ordinary people can answer God’s call to build a culture of life in society.

  • As one of the founders of the March for Life, Nellie Jane Gray devoted her life to defending all human beings from the very first moment of existence until death.
  • The first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School, Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson was a staunch pro-life activist and an eloquent defender of all people, born and preborn.
  • Online bullies called Lizzie Velasquez the ugliest woman in the world. But she didn’t let the nastiness and name calling stop her from achieving her dreams. People like Lizzie remind us that all people are special in God’s eyes and that everyone has a role to fulfill in the culture of life.
  • Dr. Jérôme Lejeune is known as the Father of Modern Genetics because of his discovery of the genetic cause of Down syndrome. Even though he was a celebrated scientist, Dr. Lejeune spoke openly about his belief in the sacredness of every human person. Dr. Lejeune shows us that we have to be willing to risk everything, including friends and reputation, if we want to see an end to the threats against the life of a human being.

For crafts, puzzles, and other great pro-life activities, visit our Pro-Life Summer Pinterest board.

Life Foundations (7th-8th grade and high school)

Although Vacation Bible School is typically for young children, students preparing for Confirmation can benefit from an intense pro-life education program. Here are some lessons and ideas to get you started:

Visit our Pro-Life Summer Pinterest board for more ideas on how to train the next generation of pro-lifers this summer!

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