Stories to Inspire

In most news sources, bad news seems to prevail. But in reality good news surrounds us. We just have to see through the darkness.  

In Stories to Inspire, American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program shares stories of hope from around the web. These may be about people who treat others with great respect, new inventions which help reveal the inherent dignity of disabled persons, or everyday heroes who stand up for the weak and marginalized. We invite you to read these stories of inspiration and give thanks for the myriad blessings we all have in life.

Stories to Inspire

Have you ever been called upon to share your beliefs publicly? If we want to build a culture of life, we have to challenge ourselves to speak out in defense of all human beings. Opportunities for evangelization are often spur-of-the-moment. So how can we prepare ourselves to spread the pro-life message? Here are the stories of three brave people who teach us the true meaning of courage.

Follow the example of a coal miner

Imagine that you have five minutes to speak to a political candidate and that what you say could impact the lives and jobs of many families in your community. What would you say? How would you prepare?

Bo Copley was recently laid off from his job at a coal mine in West Virginia. Coal mining is a dangerous job and some people argue about how it impacts the environment, but for Copley and the people of West Virginia, coal mining is their livelihood.

Copley is passionate about his work, his family, and his faith. When democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigned in West Virginia, Copley was invited to participate in a roundtable discussion with her. At this roundtable, he confronted Mrs. Clinton about her energy plan that would reduce coal mining jobs and leave families like his in poverty. Even though Copley disagrees with Clinton politically, he knew he wasn’t attending the roundtable event by accident. God had some purpose for sending him there.

In a recent interview, Copley says he fasted and prayed before going to this event. He put his faith and trust in God and prayed that God would give him the right words to say. He knew that God was using him to speak on behalf of the miners who are losing their jobs as the industry collapses due to the tightening of regulations and emergence of cleaner fuels.

As evangelizers of the culture of life, it’s important for us to understand how to prepare to speak in defense of the human person. This doesn’t always mean furiously studying the facts or memorizing lines to speak. A life of prayer and mortification helps us eliminate the noise of the world and prepares us to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Stories to InspireWhat would you give up?

When Chicago White Sox player Adam LaRoche was told that he could no longer bring his 14-year-old son to the team clubhouse, he had a difficult decision to make. LaRoche walked away from the $13 million left in his baseball contract because, to him, family is more important than money.

LaRoche isn’t silent about his faith either. During the off season last year, LaRoche and Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Blaine Boyer took part in an undercover sting operation to save children in Southeast Asia from sex trafficking. LaRoche has continued his involvement with two child rescue organizations since retiring from baseball. Adam LaRoche’s decision might not be well understood by his fans, but to him, his faith and his family come before money, career, and fame.

As we see from the stories of Bo Copley and Adam LaRoche, standing up for your family takes courage. The family is what holds society together. If we don’t take measures to protect the family, we allow society to crumble. The world needs more Adam LaRoches to stand up and say that their faith in God and family are what are most important to them, even if those things interfere with their careers.

Today, thank the fathers you know who are standing up for and protecting their families.

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