ALL’s Culture of Life Studies Program excitedly announces the release of our highly anticipated video series Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? This groundbreaking, educational video series with instructor-guided classroom activities for high school students teaches about Margaret Sanger and how she changed America’s mindset about birth control.

But we need your help.

We hope to get this much-needed educational unit study into the hands of teachers in time for the start of school, but we are lacking the funds to finish post-production of the videos and we are running out of time before the fall semester begins.

On June 20, we will launch a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the necessary funds. We are hoping to raise at least $4,700 in order to cover production and printing costs.

As a thank you to all who donate to this exceptional project, we are offering some fantastic pro-life gear, such as our unique CLSP tote bag. In addition, if you pledge at least $25, you’ll receive a copy of the finished study. (We’re planning to sell Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? for around $50, so this is a great deal!)

Students deserve to know the truth about Planned Parenthood, the vile things it does behind closed doors, and how it has roots in eugenics and racism. Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? arms students with the truth so that they can be witnesses to the gospel of life.

The Kickstarter begins in less than two weeks. Please stayed tuned for more information about how you can help support this important project.

It is up to us to keep the students of today from being indoctrinated by Planned Parenthood. If we don’t do something, who will?

Click here to watch the trailer for Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? and then share the video on Facebook and via e-mail.