By Madison Marzullo 

Madison Marzullo is a senior at Elk County Catholic High School who is very passionate about her faith and beliefs, especially when it comes to defending the preborn. This poem recently won 1st place in a pro-life writing competition held at her school. We are reprinting this beautiful and thought-provoking poem here not only to inspire but to help people understand that there are other options and that life does go on. 

March; the two blue lines on the gray-hued screen on the small, white stick 

the cold, tiled floor of the dorm’s community bathroom decorating her bare feet

the initial heart drop, the shock, the fear

only 21 years old

it seems nearly impossible 

but life goes on

April; thoughts have drowned her, as if she has been thrown around like dust 

the announcement turns her parents loving, her partner into denial 

she loves him, she does not want to be alone 

he just wants to play baseball, he has no time

she has so much work to do for her education 

it seems nearly impossible 

but life goes on

May; it has progressed, the situation is official 

she cannot bring herself to leave 

all he wants to do is run through the bases, it is all he knows how to do

one is 20, the other is 21

it seems nearly impossible

but life goes on

June; the summer heat makes her sweat, as does her situation

his arms swell from the weights, using frustration as his motivation 

she loves him, the baseball boy 

he is confused, the plan simply cannot go through

it seems nearly impossible

but life goes on 

July; the last month she had promised herself she would get it done

he begs, mercifully, how would he manage? 

this month would be deciding factor; whom will she choose?

her parents, supporting her to choose her situation, 

him, supporting her to choose a restart

the choice 

it seems nearly impossible 

but life goes on

August; she started buying clothes, decorations, asking family for support

he’s been at practice, asking his dad for guidance 

they are both feeling lost 

the girl and the baseball boy 

it seems nearly impossible 

but life goes on 

September; she has grown, significantly 

he feels the movements and sees the photographs 

the situation is real 

she begins to let tears stroll down her gentle, flushed cheeks 

he begins to hold her hand and caress her forehead, for the first time in awhile 

it seems nearly impossible 

but life goes on

October; the final two months, the moment is near 

she is stressfully writing papers while swallowing vitamins

he is working out his financial situations 

they are both becoming responsible 

it’s beginning to seem possible 

life has gone on

November; the nursery is ready, the items are bought 

she has packed a bag, full of items to celebrate what is coming

he knows the event is near, so he decorates her finger with a diamond

they have come together, slowly 

it is possible now 

life has gone on 

December; the snow has fallen and the yellow-tinted street lights show through the darkness 

it is the 26th day of the month, the year 2004 

he holds her hand and wipes her tears

she is exhausted, but her decision is final 

she is here 

her baby girl is born 

it wasn’t impossible, it was done 

life went on

her baby girl’s life went on 

October 2022; her baby girl writes a poem, dedicated to her mother’s courage and strength 

she talks about her mother and father: the girl and the baseball player 

who had chosen to let her have life

her baby girl is an athlete, a friend, a scholar, a lover, a person

it is always possible 

life will always go on

life should always go on. 

the baby girl who was given the chance of life