The Least of These

By Grace Ann Lawson, age 8

We should all follow Jesus’ command. We can follow it by serving others. The least of these are people around us, the people who have less, and others who are smaller and weaker than we.

Our family members are also the least of these. Our family members sometimes have trouble. God calls us to help them because we have the time to help them. People who are sick are also the least of these. When we take care of people, we are following Jesus’ command. I can take care of others by changing my little sister’s diaper. It may be smelly, but I do it anyway. If I don’t do it, then my sister might get a diaper rash and my mom and Jesus will be angry at me. When we take care of the sick it does not always have to be people in hospitals or nursing homes, it can be family members too. For example, once my mom was sick and she had a fever and our dinner wasn’t even made yet. So I made dinner and read my siblings a story and by the time my siblings had finished their dinner, my grandpa came and drove my mom to the hospital.

We can stand up for the people who have been bullied by trying to settle the fight peacefully. We can help people who want to do the wrong thing, but we should tell them to do the right thing by setting a good example. For instance, if a sibling of mine were about to hurt me, then I could encourage him not to do it because it is wrong. It is hard to encourage others because sometimes the person wants to do it his own way. But we should tell them that God’s way is best for us. Sometimes we don’t want to go the way that God wants us to go so we go our way. We get into trouble when we go our way. That is why God’s way is best for us.

We can follow Jesus’ love and care by comforting people who have sorrow in their lives and by caring for others. For example, if I saw a lady and she was crying because her husband had died, then I could comfort her by telling her all the good things in her life that have happened and the good things that will happen. People can also play with younger siblings in a way that will make them happy. I have four younger siblings who always want to be played with. Sometimes I do not want to play with them, but I do it anyway because Jesus wants me to.
We should all love and care for others by comforting the people who are sad and lonely. We can play with younger siblings even when we don’t want to. If people all over the world follow Jesus’ command, more people would go to heaven. We should all follow Jesus’ love and care for the least of His brethren forever and ever.

© 2017 Grace Ann Lawson. Published with permission.