All Lives Matter

By Lucy Wadaga, age 12

Being pro-life is very important to me. I believe everyone is important in God’s eyes, no matter his age, race, color, or gender. Although protecting babies is a big part of being pro-life, it’s more than the preborn. It is about respecting the dignity in everyone, including the elderly, the poor, and the sick. These people are the least of us and we are called to stand up for them.

God wants us to help and serve people, and so we pray for them. You may feel like there is nothing you can do, but we can always pray for one another. We can also donate money to pro-life agencies or any other resources that will help promote life in our community. There is always something we can do to make someone feel better. Saint Teresa of Calcutta says: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” That can be giving a dollar or two to a homeless person or simply smiling at a senior citizen.

How can I make a difference? Well, for many years now, my family and I have been going down to the abortion clinic to pray for the babies, mothers, and the doctors performing the abortions. The goal is to close the clinic! I am very passionate about ending abortion because everyone deserves to live because God created us. Killing is murder, and that is breaking the fifth commandment and sinning against God.

Before I was born, my mother had cancer. My mom and dad really wanted children, but the doctors said that she might not be able to have kids because of her chemotherapy treatments. My mom didn’t give up, and soon she became pregnant with my sister and then two-and-a-half years later I was born. It really saddens me that some mothers decide to kill their children when there are so many women who can’t have children. My mom and dad were so grateful to God that they could have children and start a family. Our community has several adoption agencies that can connect unwanted children with loving families. So many lives could be saved, and many childless couples could care for the children they’ve always wanted.

In Acts 20:35, it says: “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” This means that it is our responsibility to take care of the weak and elderly. We can do this by visiting a nursing home. When my grandmother was ill, we visited her in the nursing home and I could tell our visits brightened her day, and she brightened mine. It is easy to forget about the elderly, but they are members of our families and the body of Christ.

Our faith teaches us that we are to care for the poor and the sick. This is what Jesus did, and this is what we are called to do too. I help by going downtown to a soup kitchen and serve the homeless people food. I smile at the people as I work because they are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Sometimes it’s hard to have a positive attitude while I serve, but I just remember that Jesus is inside everyone and that makes me smile.

In conclusion, I believe all lives matter and that I need to be an advocate for people being persecuted in our world. The preborn, the elderly, the poor, and the sick are all part of our family in Christ and they deserve our respect and dignity. God loves each and every one of us and we can shine our light for all to see, especially those living in the darkness.

© 2017 Lucy Wadaga. Published with permission.