High School Supplements

Supporting a culture of life through education in high school | CultureOfLifeStudies.com

When students reach high school, more emphasis is placed on evangelization and communication through critical thinking and hands-on activities in Life Lens and Life Scope. Where Life Lens studies a specific text, moment in history, or Church document in great detail through a written supplement, Life Scope presents information through multimedia outlets and challenges students to use media tools to proclaim the gospel of life.

9th grade through 12th grade

Life Lens supplements give students a deeper understanding of the threats facing human beings in our society and what each person can do to stand up for vulnerable people. High school students grapple with complex pro-life questions surrounding the dignity of the human person and learn how they can build a culture of life in their own communities. Life Lens:

  • Delves into a short text to highlight culture of life themes
  • Teaches a single, narrow concept in literature, history, or current events
  • Assists students in close reading activities and focused learning

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Multimedia Lessons

Life Scope supplements give students a deeper understanding of the culture of life through multimedia unit studies. Each unit study in Life Scope includes a video component to help jumpstart discussion and show students how they can build a culture of life using their own unique talents. Life Scope:

  • Engages students through video and multimedia lessons
  • Informs students on pro-life issues, equipping them with the tools they need to preach the gospel of life
  • Inspires students to take what they have learned into the public sphere

 Learn more about our Life Scope series here.