Culture of Life Curriculum Plan – Life Lens Series

High School

For some, the hardest part of pro-life education is figuring out how to fit it into an already busy schedule. As homeschool moms and teachers ourselves, we totally get that, so we’ve made it easy for you to see just where some of our lessons fit in. Appropriate subjects for each lesson are highlighted in red. You’ll note that most of our studies and lessons fit into multiple subjects.

Pro-life education is easier than you think!


Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? Unit Study

Produced as a unit study and video set for high school students, Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? exposes the truth about the founder of the largest abortion provider in the United States. This unit study will fit into history, religion,  and apologetics classes. It’s also great for youth groups and pro-life clubs.

Dream of the Rood

Dream of the Rood is suitable for high school students and can provide support in a British literature course, in a Medieval literature course, in a religion course, or as a stand-alone work in a standard English poetry class.

La Culture de la Vie: Teaching the Culture of Life in French Class

This French study features six lessons about the culture of life in francophone countries and gives students the vocabulary they need to express their pro-life beliefs in French.

Pro-Life Citizenship

This lesson can easily be used in an American history or government class. Educators appreciate the depth and scope of this lesson as it prepares students to embrace their duty as American citizens and as pro-lifers.

Embracing a Culture of Life: Blessed Chiara Luce Badano

This lesson teaches students the redemptive value of suffering as it brings us closer to God, especially at the end of a human being’s life. It is suitable for religion, apologetics, and any class where euthanasia may be a topic. 

Giving with a Happy Heart: Teaching the Culture of Life in Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol'

This lesson is great for an American literature class. Students examine Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol under a pro-life lens to find themes that support the culture of life and reinforce the principle that all human beings are sacred, unrepeatable, and deserving of respect.

The Power of One: Nellie Gray and the March for Life

Students in high school will uncover the history of the March for Life and learn how they can use their own talents and gifts to end abortion. This lesson would be perfect for January, in American history, or in a religion class.

Euthanasia: An Introduction

This lesson provides an introduction to the new threat to human dignity. It is currently out of stock, as it is being updated and revised. We hope to have it ready by Spring 2019. 


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