National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day

Friday, May 8, 2020
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Due to the upheaval caused by COVID-19, we have postponed National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day until May 8. We pray that we will all be able to participate in public places by then, but if not, we will still take over social media and show the world that we are 100% pro-life! We are committed to defending all human beings! And our work to end the destruction of innocent lives will not be deterred.

Know that, during this time, you are all in your prayers. We have suffered our own setbacks. Our vendor has closed its doors, but we thankfully have a stock of shirts that we can provide to help you stand up for life. If you don’t have a shirt, try to get one soon, because when our stock runs out we will be unable to reorder. Join us in prayer for all the families affected by this virus, especially those medically vulnerable people who are not getting proper care. Let us stand in defense of everyone’s value and dignity. And let us pray our nation through this time of sadness, leaning on our Blessed Mother and the saints to intercede for us.

Wear a pro-life T-shirt

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Shirts for the entire family!

Show them you are 100% pro-life at school, at work, and everywhere you go!

In order to guarantee your shirt before

National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day,

you MUST order before May 1, 2020!

We are sharing bulk pricing with everyone. All shirts start at $10 while supplies last. Sweatshirts start at $25



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When did National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day start?

NPLTD was started in the 1990s by American Life League. The goal has always remained the same: to empower young people to speak up and defend the preborn, the elderly, the disabled, and the most vulnerable among us.

Where should I wear my shirt?

Everywhere! To school, to work, out with friends. The idea is to start conversations. And this shirt is a conversation starter for sure! We’ve seen people’s hearts opened and their minds challenged because the message of this shirt is solid, positive, and life-affirming!

What if I get into trouble for wearing my shirt to school?

It’s your right to wear a pro-life T-shirt. But it does happen every so often that someone is challenged by an administrator. It that happens, we can help! Contact Margaret at Life Defenders at or call 571-398-9904. We have lawyers from the Thomas More Law Center who are ready to help you!

Is there anything else I can do on April 3 to show my support?

You bet! Last year we had people in 48 states and 368 cities who proudly wore their 100% pro-life shirts. Many posted their images to social media. That is one really easy way to spread your message far and wide. So remember to take a pic and post it with #NPLTD2020 or #prolifetshirtday.


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