Cardinal Burke Endorses the Culture of Life Studies Program American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program has made great strides since our founding just over a year ago.

In a letter to ALL president Judie Brown, His Eminence Cardinal Raymond Burke praised the Culture of Life Studies Program for helping to transform society and build a culture of life: “In order to establish a culture of life, it is essential that children be educated, from their earliest years, to know the truths about the gift of life, of marriage, and of the family so that they can become adults who will embrace the culture of life in all their thinking and in all aspects of their daily living. The Culture of Life Studies Program of the American Life League provides an excellent program to teach children, from their very earliest years through their teens, in an age-appropriate, consistent and systematic way, to understand and embrace the culture of life. I am happy to recommend the Culture of Life Studies Program for use in the home, in schools, and in other programs.”

Cardinal Burke has always been a stalwart pro-life champion and an authoritative voice on Church teaching and the fundamentals of our faith. He is an excellent model of humility and perseverance and an example to all of the necessity to stand up for truth despite the cost. We are thrilled that he has given his endorsement to the Culture of Life Studies Program and we ask you all to pray for him and for us as we endeavor to guide the youth toward a culture of life.

Read the cardinal’s full letter here.

We are thrilled that Cardinal Burke has given his endorsement to the Culture of Life Studies Program. In addition, we are thankful for your continued support of our program, and we ask you to prayerfully consider making a donation so that we can further our mission and equip parents and teachers with these important resources. We have several studies waiting for funding, but we cannot finish them without your support. Please consider a donation today!