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First High School Supplement Available for Purchase

Nov 17, 2015

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Euthanasia: An Introduction Unit StudyWith the deaths of Terri Schiavo and Brittany Maynard in recent years, euthanasia has become the next big pro-life topic. Every life should be treasured and cared for from the moment of creation until death. Measures in end-of-life care that deliberately seek to shorten life are against God’s law and contrary to our belief in the sanctity of the life of every human being. Education on current life issues for students is becoming increasingly important as more threats are appearing in our country. Without a solid foundation in the culture of life, we cannot hope to reclaim the dignity and respect owed to every human being from the moment of creation until death.

Responding to the threat of euthanasia, the Culture of Life Studies Program has a created our first educational supplement for high school students on the topic of physician-assisted suicide. This supplement uses Church documents to explain the Church’s teaching on euthanasia and  helps students recognize the faulty logic of the “right-to-die” movement. Students learn the various terms associated with euthanasia that aim to make physician-assisted suicide more acceptable to the public. Through discussion questions, essays, and small-group work, students learn how to articulate their belief in the respect for the dying. The lesson concludes with a case-study discussion which contrasts Brittany Maynard, Lauren Hill, and Terri Schiavo—three women who suffered terribly at the end of their lives. The students discuss the ethics of each scenario and the decisions made by each of the women and their families. Euthanasia: An Introduction requires only one class period to complete, allowing instructors the flexibility to support their students in life issues.

The Euthanasia: An Introduction package includes an Instructor Guidewith presentation notes, a discussion guide, and student assessment materialsas well as a CD-ROM containing student handouts and instructor presentation slides. Visit to order your copy and start training your high school students to respect all human beings, from creation until death.

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