Life is Precious Curriculum

Earlier this year, the Culture of Life Studies Program launched its premier product entitled Life Is Preciousa picture book unit study for students in early grade school. Life Is Precious, a 4-week unit study for children in kindergarten through 2nd grade, uses popular picture books, like Angel in the Waters and Horton Hears a Who, to teach the fundamentals of human development, compassion for others, an understanding of the beauty of each human being, and the importance of standing up for pro-life values in our society.

Life Is Precious gives your children the intellectual and academic foundation they need to be effective communicators of the culture of life through fun crafts, games, discussion, and activities. The package comes complete with an instructor’s guide, a CD-ROM containing all of the images you need to complete projects with multiple children, a 12-week fetal model, and the Baby Steps DVD.

The response has been overwhelming! Life Is Precious has already received rave reviews around the blogosphere. Take a look at what parents and teachers are saying!


I love that there is an emphasis on scientific human development. I love that it completely respects their innocence and builds upon the child’s innate understanding that every life is important, no matter where . . . or how small. . . . With that solid, positive, and evidence-based foundation in place it becomes blatantly obvious to the child later on why things that violate that inherent dignity (like abortion or euthanasia) are so disordered and horrendous. The program does not address those violations but simply builds that age appropriate framework for understanding and loving a culture of life.

Mary Haseltine,

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It is such a sweet program for younger grades, with just enough crafty activities to make me feel like I covered art for the week, without making me insane (and no glitter!). But the thing that touched me the most was how much the older kids insisted on participating. . . . And it’s not just a homeschool thing. Lessons are short and sweet, and would be a great enrichment activity for all families.

Cari Donaldson, author of Pope Awesome and Other Stories

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The Life Is Precious unit study is definitely worth the full retail value . . . but right now they are offering it at a special introductory rate making it even more affordable! . . . My little ones really loved examining the sweet little fetal model and then comparing the size of a baby at different stages to various foods.

Jessica Gordon,

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A common question among pro-life families is this: When and how should I teach my children about abortion? The unfortunate answer to “When?” is that you will need to teach them (age appropriately) as soon as they reach the age of comprehension. The question of “How?” is by modeling pro-life values (i.e., Gospel principles) and by instructing them in age appropriate ways. The Life Is Precious unit study provides a beautiful and simple way to introduce the truths of the science and sacredness of [every human being’s] life to small children. . . . We live in a topsy turvy world and this is a lovely tool to keep our homes rightly ordered in the midst of the moral chaos.

Melody Lyons,

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With your help and continued support, we will bring valuable materials like Life Is Precious into schools, homeschools, and CCD programs, and reclaim our culture for life. Donors who give $25 or more receive a free copy of our next unit study All Shapes and Sizes for elementary school, which explores the dignity of all human beings—old, young, and disabled—and the rewards of friendship.