Scope and Sequence

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Unit studies from the Culture of Life Studies Program are designed to be flexible. Use this Scope and Sequence to help you integrate our unit studies into your existing curriculum.

Term Descriptions

The Sequence outlines the topics covered by each unit in the unit study. Students can begin their studies at any point in the sequence, and many of the units can be done in any order depending on the needs of the class.

Learning Objectives and Skills outline how the students benefit from completing the unit studies. Students in younger grades learn more basic skills, which are built upon as the student works through each of our series. Students can start the Culture of Life Studies Program at any point in grade school, middle school, or high school.

Curriculum Connections are recommendations for where each unit study can be integrated into an existing curriculum. The Faith Connections explain how each unit study uses the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching to talk about pro-life topics.

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Life Primer


Life Connections

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Life Quest

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Life Foundations


Life Lens


Life Scope

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