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Tagged: Culture of Life

How to Start This School Year Embracing the Culture of Life

Aug 4, 2018

A culture of life requires respect for the dignity of the human person in everyday life. At school or in the home, there are a myriad of ways to build a culture of life to rejuvenate your own community. Here is a list of things that you can do at the start of the school … read more

Beauty Comes from Within: What One Exceptional Musician Teaches Us about God’s Gift of Life

Jun 4, 2018

Opera fans and music lovers alike can appreciate the honey tones and moving dynamics of this German baritone’s voice as he sings “Song to the Evening Star” from Wagner’s Tannhauser.   Those who commented on this YouTube video used words like “sublime,” “magnificent,” and “flawless” to describe his rendition of this aria. Some of the … read more

Raising Pro-Life Kids

Mar 12, 2018

You’re a strong pro-life family. Together, you attend the March for Life, participate in Respect Life Sunday, and pray for an end to abortion. You might not talk about pro-life topics very much around the house, but you’re sure that your kids “get it.” Your kids might seem to be very pro-life now, but how … read more

Today, I Am Ready to Tell My Story…

Feb 12, 2018

This post originally appeared on Meleo’s Place on January 19, 2018. Reprinted with permission. Today is March for Life.  Today, I am ready to tell my story… When I was 15 weeks pregnant, I found out our baby had already died several weeks prior at 10 weeks 6 days.  My heart was broken. I knew a … read more

Why Build a Culture of Life through Education?

Jan 25, 2018

The pro-life movement has grown immensely over the past few years. The March for Life gets bigger every year, pregnancy resource centers actively save babies from abortion and give support to moms in need, and student pro-life groups are booming. These are all necessary and powerful ways to give witness to the gospel of life. … read more

Why We March

Jan 11, 2018

Pro-lifers tend to get excited about the March for Life in Washington D.C.—one of the largest, longest running, peaceful protests in the world. Not only is the March a great opportunity to express our belief in the sanctity of human beings and speak out against abortion, it is also a great day to celebrate the … read more

Advent and the Culture of Life

Dec 1, 2017

As we proceed through these next few weeks of Advent in preparation for the coming of the Christ Child, we should remember how closely the culture of life is connected with the holy feast of Christmas. Christ came into the world as a tiny child; His public ministry focused on restoring human dignity, inspiring repentance, … read more

How to Build a Culture of Life in the Family: Lessons from Louis and Zélie Martin

Nov 16, 2017

When we think of saints, we often imagine bearded monks, serious nuns, and founders of religious orders. But we forget that married people are also called to be saints. The canonization of Louis and Zélie Martin on October 18, 2015, was the first time a married couple was recognized together as saints in the history … read more