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Building a Culture of Life with the Spiritual Works of Mercy

Feb 19, 2018

Religion class teaches about various works that we can do to imitate Christ, help other people, and build up His Church. These works are called the Corporal Works of Mercy and the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Where the Corporal Works of Mercy take care of a person’s physical needs, the Spiritual Works of Mercy help … read more

Saving Our Children

Nov 6, 2017

It comes as no surprise that Planned Parenthood has an organized campaign against our young people. The abortion battle is not just taking place outside abortion clinics and in lawmakers’ chambers, but also in classrooms across the nation. Children as young as kindergarten age are primed with graphic sexual education which exploits their natural innocence … read more

Pro-Life throughout the School Year: October

Sep 28, 2017

October has many great opportunities for pro-lifers to stand up for pro-life beliefs by joining special activism events. Respect Life Month Respect Life Month reminds us that every human being’s life has value. During the month of October, pro-lifers take the time to learn more about the culture of life and get involved in the … read more

Celebrating the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Sep 7, 2017

When we celebrate birthdays, we celebrate the gift of life that God has bestowed upon each of us. Just as we thank God for giving our friends and us life, we should also take the opportunity to celebrate Jesus’ gift of His mother by honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary on her birthday, September 8. As … read more

4 Ideas for Using Our ‘Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book’ in School

Aug 24, 2017

Coloring is a great after-school activity, but what if you could incorporate the fun of coloring and puzzles into your child’s school curriculum? Here are some ideas to help you use our Miracle of Life Coloring & Activity Book to reinforce reading, writing, arithmetic, faith, and pro-life education 1. Learn the ABCs, culture-of-life style Every young … read more

Pro-Life throughout the School Year: September

Aug 17, 2017

You have decided that this year you would like to focus on pro-life education, but where do you start? Use September to set the pro-life tone for the year. Take this month to make sure your students remember terms like “pro-life” and “culture of life.” Brush up your high school students’ memory of specific pro-life … read more

Resources to Teach the Culture of Life

Jul 10, 2017

In the pro-life movement today, we sometimes underestimate the power of education in building a culture of life. Students need a strong foundation to have the courage to stand up in public for their pro-life beliefs—whether among their peers, in a college classroom, or at the workplace. Among educational programs, the Culture of Life Studies … read more

Educate Like a Pro: How CLSP Enriches a Home Curriculum

May 18, 2017

As concerned homeschool parents, you understand the need to give your children a quality education. The art of homeschooling is a delicate balance between academic subjects and real-life skills in order to give students a truly well-rounded education. Teaching and living the culture of life in your family enables your students to be fully grounded … read more