Trailer: Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?


Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? is a 3-part educational video series for high school students about Margaret Sanger, her eugenicist leanings, and how she changed America’s mind about birth control. The series explores the connection between contraception and abortion and teaches students how to reach out to others with compassion in building a culture of life.

VIDEO: Ladybug Warriors Craft


Have you ever wondered, “Where do ladybugs come from?” In this free lesson, elementary schoolchildren learn all about ladybugs as they listen to Eric Carle’s The Grouchy Ladybug. In a discussion following the story, students learn about how the ladybug is really named for the Blessed Mother, who sent ladybugs to help Medieval peasants by…

Introducing the Culture of Life Studies Program


American Life League’s Culture of Life Studies Program combats the culture of death by providing educational supplements and multimedia resources that build a firm foundation in the culture of life…

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